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KCSpike ·

1970 Cosmonaute

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cabarbhab ·

Favorite watch

Is it just me or do you have a watch that just sticks around and stays your favorite no matter what? I mean I have tried to replace it with other watc...
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GullibleAndroid ·

How Did We Get Here??

Since the "About" portion of WC profiles doesn't really facilitate a narrative format, I thought I'd highlight my "watch journey" so far in an actual...
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FifeLaw ·

Favorite Complication

Okay, I’m sure this has been asked before but I’m curious and too lazy to search. What is your favorite complication on a watch you own? And why is it...
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marianivan10 ·

What is your favorite book about watches?

I would say my newest one is. I just love it, love the feel of the book and the rich content. This is almost the complete story of Rolex, packed insid...
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geogop ·

Favorite Complication?

Currently, I have watches that have date complications, a couple of chronographs, and a GMT. Though I’ve never owned any, I am familiar with other com...
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Rocky150 ·


On 10/17 I submitted this YEMA for my WRUW watch of the day. BY FAR my LEAST favorite unit in my assemblage of timepieces. Why I even keep, I don't kn...
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semjaza ·

Tell me about your favorite Armitron

I watched the little 6-minute history video on Youtube and I admit it's inspired some interest. So, if you have a favorite Armitron, tell me about it....
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Bobofet ·

Tag and link your all-time most helpful WatchCrunch thread…

For me, @Scaramanga “How to properly wear a NATO strap”. I’m more a bracelet guy than a NATO guy. But when I do nato, I do it this way after reading t...
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schadenfroyde ·

Your favorite watches in the ~500-700€ Spectrum

Hello everyone, so I am new to collecting and only posses two Seikos, a cocktail time (my first mechanical watch, I adore it) and a Seiko 5 Diver (SPR...
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