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What are we doing here?

I probably started with watches as part of my journey to acquire some basic tools, skills and habits that would (hopefully) make me a more reliable pe...
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Exit plan: Edition B 馃ぁ

Yesyes, bring on the naysay... I might as mentioned been a tad too quick on the trigger gathering my end all be all collection. So here is what's goin...
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I'm scared...

I have mentioned that this might be an Exit Watch for me. But I'm starting believe it now 馃槵. What would that mean? No more to contribute to the Crunch...
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This is the The End 鉀

Here is my Collection: Seiko Marine Master 300m, SBBN035 aka "The Ninja Tuna". Wonderful over engineered toolwatch and a stunning double domes crystal...
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I'm in a bit of a slump....

Update: I'm still at the same 4 watches, but there have been issues... As mentioned, my Tudor is in for inspection/repairs because of the semi defect...
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I'm gonna do it 馃槑

Within this week my last watch purchase will arrive. I will then make my first and last State Of The Collection and after that make updates on how my...
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Houston, we got a problem 馃殌

After getting the Blue Bay 36 I was considered trading my G-Shock for a Seiko Tune 300m Marine Master as a beater, and then be DONE. The trade didn't...
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What is the Black Bay 36?

The Black Bay 36 has been on my radar periodically for years now. I don't know why? And my very unstabile watch-brain has been putting this up as my E...
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Feels like an old friend 馃挋

I was reminding my self that this was a used piece with scratches and dings while driving to pick it up. Reminding myself so I would not be disappoint...
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The Exit Watch Talk.

Everyone collects for different reasons and everyone has a story. In the beginning all I wanted was a tool watch. I ended up with five and I was conte...
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