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dimals ·

New Purchase Advisory Request

Hey everyone! I hope everyone here has its grail watch. Mine is a collection of 3: Dornblueth & Sohn Quintus 2010.3 Kraftzwölf, Parmigiani Fleurie...
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tackoa ·

My new GADA watch - Christopher Ward Sealander C63 GMT

As addition to my current GADA watch, my BB58, couple of weeks ago I bought a C63 GMT. I was looking for a GMT complication (I preferred office GMT) w...
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KristianG ·

What Would be Your One Watch?

It occurred to me this afternoon that if I really had to choose one model of watch to wear for the rest of my life, the Timex Expedition/Atlantis woul...
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pfontex ·

First Lux Watch

What do think of the Tudor for my first big buy, and only Lux Watch? Tks everyone
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matteo.cavallin ·

Need Help! Everyday Watch Sub-$1,000 USD

Hello Crunchers! I need some help to find an everyday watchunder $1000 USD! I've been looking for months on end and have some idea of what I might pur...
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Romaediem ·

Prove me wrong: the watch I'm looking for doesn't exist.

I have been debating this with a number of friends and other enthusiasts I met online and through my watch groups. I am looking for a specific type of...
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A0860000 ·

Best Everyday Watch - $2 to $5k

What's a phenomenal everyday watch between $2k and $5k? I'm sure the Omega Aqua Terra, possibly the Spirit 37, come to mind, but to add a challenge le...
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Donster_125 ·

Traska GADA Watch

So for those of you who saw and posted (thank you again), I made a post regarding my search for a GADA watch after I failed in obtaining a Smiths Everest. I cam across Traska thanks to some suggestion...
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case_and_dial ·

The first “real watch” I bought for myself, what’s yours?

This little ditty from Citizen was my first “real watch” and I’ve gone through several honeymoon phases with it at this point. I found the original br...
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dialupper ·

A tale of three everyday watches

As I hit the 14th day of my one watch/one month challenge, I look at where the SARB033 is in my collection and whether it still holds a place in it.

C.M. on Instagram: "Watches: Seiko SNK393, SARB033 & Omega Aqua Terra Why: This is a tale of three everyday watches in my collection starting with the Seiko 5, a watch everyone one wore at the start of their journey. Quite frankly, I could’ve stopped right there as the SNK393 proved to be competently reliable as an everyday watch. But it wouldn’t be a journey if it ended right there and then. Like everyone, I caught the SARB033 fever and was at the right place at the right time before prices skyrocketed. Spec-wise, it was a perfect upgrade from the 5 line, dressier looking but not out of place in casual settings. As I followed the twisted path of my watch journey, the SARB delivered but also had its own shortcomings, qualities that the Aqua Terra excelled at. I’m not going to elaborate much about the details but if you’ve been in the game, there’s no need to get into it. As I hit the 14th day of my one watch/one month challenge with the SARB033, it gave me insight on the advantages of being “the middle child”. It serves as a bridge between the past and present, and it constantly reminds me how far I’ve come in this journey and why there’s always a place for it in my collection. #wristwatchcheck #woywt #womw #watchfam #sarb033 #seikosarb #everydaywatch #6r15 #seikosaturday #madeinjapan #watchphotography #complecto #seikowatch #jdmwatch #grandseiko #babygrandseiko #gadawatch #omegaaquaterra #omegaseamasteraquaterra #omegaseamaster #swisswatch #bondwatch #seiko5 #snk393"
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