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Joerou ·

Miyota Problems

Hey y’all, my beloved Smiths Everest is acting up again. I bought it in May, and this is the second time I’ve had this issue. I had it “fixed” once by...
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Catskinner ·

Guilt by association, the case of the Smiths Everest PRS-25

I've been avoiding my Everest PRS-25. There is nothing wrong with it. I like its gilt dial and being a 36mm Explorer 1016 clone, it also wears very we...
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Catskinner ·

Drinking coffee on the Everest

I bet that neither Hillary nor Norgay would imagine that almost 70 years after their successful ascent there will still be discussions and arguments a...
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Tunokies ·

Smiths Everest in Gilt

I always loved Seiko because of their 'bang for buck' but as their prices started heading north, I looked towards the microbrands. Timefactors is argu...
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Catskinner ·

I thought I would like my Smiths Everest more.

For me the Smiths Everest PRS-25 is kind of a mixed bag. I own the now sold-out gilt dial version, which I freely admit is well made and quite attract...
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Tunokies ·

5 from Timefactors

I've had 5 watches from Timefactors now. Three were Everests and I think I'm happy with the Gilt version for now. (At least until the honeycomb one co...
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Max ·

What the hell is Smiths?

I'm confused... Smiths was original a British watch company founded in 1851, and made notable time pieces including the De Luxe that may have beat Rol...
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Max ·

This one is too good!

The Smiths Everest is very popular, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I was not expecting much when I grabbed one for a comparison thinking the...
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Bobofet ·

May 29th Everest Anniversary. Let’s see them…

69 years ago today, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary reached the summit of Mount Everest. Let‘s see them. Vintage OPs, Explorers, Smith’s. And if you...
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Jeroemy ·

Smith’s Everest PRS25 Gilt dial

I have always had my eye in the Smith’s Everest PRS25. absolutely love the 36mm size and the homage to the explorer. I just saw on Time factor’s that...
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