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Time to go an hour forward - I like moving it back better 😂 The little watch pillows are from a different box. Since my tiny wrists call for softer,...
Daylight savings ended here in Sydney in the early hours of the morning. Is that like an extra New Year's Day-type holiday for us? Tegrov World Timer...

Daylight Savings Time

This is how I feel during one of the two most dreaded moments in a watch collector's year: Day Light Savings. I keep getting watches, forgetting the t...
Technoluxury Perpetual Calendar to spring forward on an unsuspecting snowy day. These weather forecasters have the best job. Getting paid to guess. Th...

How Many Watches.......?

Did you have to "spring ahead" to Daylight Savings Time?" I counted 14. How about you? Have a safe and great week out there? 😎
Friendly reminder to “spring forward” ⏰😎 Have a great Sunday, Crunchers!

DST- Who Forgot?

Be honest, who isn’t sprung forward yet?
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It's that time of year

I'm sure those of you with really large collections wouldn't bother setting every watch. Maybe because I'm still a novice, the task of setting all my...

Daylight Savings Time and watch collecting

So, one thing I decided awhile back was to use the fact that I had a pair of quartz watches in my budget sub collection to my advantage. I’m not sure...
Guess who "forgot" to deal with Leap Day and now has to roll that adjustment into today's Daylight Savings process! Thankfully a number of my solar wa...