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Jeweler robbed in Uber after leaving Las Vegas Strip convention

A jeweler leaving the IWJG was robbed in his Uber in Las Vegas.

History of Watch Crime in Europe

As was discussed in many posts before, the watch crime is running rampant in Europe, and especially in London. You can see comments from people saying...

Watch theft in Germany is a thing now

Apparently, watch theft is now also an issue in Germany. I just read about two cases in Munich. This is actually one of the safest big cities in Germa...

Watch Crime - Paul Thorpe raising awareness on UK television

Everyone in the UK needs to thank Paul Thorpe for what he is doing. For years now, UK watch crime has risen significantly - particularly in London. It...

Digital Watch Vault

This is a great YouTube video from Paul Thorpe about the digital watch vault. What do you think - does this give watch enthusiasts hope regarding watc...

Watchmaster Robbery

A Berlin storage facility used by Watchmaster has been robbed in Berlin, totaling about 2200 watches worth $14.5 million. See further detail here: htt...

BBC News Article: Machete-ban petition launched as London watch robberies rise

Scary! The article focuses on London but this can happen anywhere. Be careful!

Have you personally had a watch stolen off of your wrist?

The plural of anecdotes is not data, so curious to see how many of us enthusiasts have had a watch stolen off of our wrists while wearing it. Having a watch stolen from a house or off a desk does not...
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Be careful out there

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but here is an important video about what can happen when you give too much away about an expensive watch collect...