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silamuta ·

watch valuations

Hello. Im new to the group and looking for opinions on these two watches. Wondering if I should take them to get valued. They are both from the early...
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Show me your Hamilton KFM!

Im lusting after the white dial Khaki Field Mechanical. it’s been quite some time that I’ve been thinking about this piece. It’s in what I consider th...
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thewatchzealot ·

Moonwatch Crystal??? Which one is "better"?

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Which model do you prefer? and why?
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Couple Seiko’s ▫️🔲

Simple ▫️🔲 dress watches 😎
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Seiko Chronograph 💚🌳

Beautiful Seiko Chronograph 🕰
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Zotrax1946 ·

One watch-One month-Day 29-Ending MyCollectionProject

Day 29 of the one month-one watch each day. Last one (for now😉)- my Frédérique Constant Persuasion Automatic. Thanks to anyone who shared with me and...
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KhronoKraze ·

Any particular watch you're wearing for Father's Day?

First, Happy Father's Day for all those out there. Have this day and an extended weekend, so, I figure it would be a choice decision to have my Whataw...
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Randomir ·

Casio Quartz

MTP-1183, 38mm, with custom 20mm leather strap with red threads, I figured that it would look dope. I have to say that I am very surprised how good is...
3 508 ·

Vintage Seiko Flyback 🌳

loving the size of this piece. One of the smallest in the collection 💪🏼
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QuartzCollector ·

Casio MRW200

By far the most durable and longest living watch I've ever owned.
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