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Matching chronometers!

Porsche Design Chronometer small seconds - the ‘watch box’ (a Taycan Cross Tourismo, shown here in its shipping wrap) came yesterday, so now this watc...


Breitling Colt and back to the grind

Is “chronometer” good enough to be a luxury watch?

I’m curious what crunchers define as a luxury watch. I saw one person tell another person his watch made by Ball Watch Co. was not a luxury watch. So I watched a video and went to their site and I fou...
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Spirit 37mm

Hi Crunchers, I posted a poll the other week concerning which watch should be my last purchase for the year:

1940s Minerva Mercure 😃

This has an interesting story my Uncle traded cigarettes for this watch in Berlin at the end of WW2. He didn't smoke so he saved all of his cigarette...

Chronometer & Accuracy

I have noticed that the accuracy of my zulu time is all over the place.. During wear it keeps the chronometer specs of about +3/4 secs but while overn...

This vintage Omega is a stunner!

An absolute stunning 1970's Omega Constellation Marine Chronometer MegaQuartz 2.4MHz (cal. 1511) in steel and gold.

The One With The Sentimental Attachment

I am sure we all have them! I have a few watches that have a sentlemental meaning, like the watch I bought with a collection from work colleagues when...

Watch Accuracy

Hey guys, first post here! What is your take on expected watch accuracy? We can break it down a little. Lets go by price segment of automatic and maua...

On The Wrist: Breitling Avenger

I’ve had this for several years and it’s still a favorite.