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Spinnaker Cahill

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wristwatchreviewuk ·

Spinnaker Cahill Review

For 20% off Spinnaker watches use code WRUK at WRUK takes a look at Spinnaker’s latest watch: the Cahill New Eng...
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Matt84 ·

New Watch Alert: Green Dialed Chronograph

Got a new Spinnaker Hull Pine Green Chronograph. First purchase for me from Spinnaker and it’s not too bad. The dial is interesting with a very nice p...
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watchobsessed ·

Thoughts on skeleton watches?

I have mixed feelings about skeleton dials. A really well-executed skeleton dial can look fantastic, but I'm not sure that I'm a big fan of skeleton d...

Spinnaker Croft Mid-Size Skeleton Automatic Limited Edition
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Phototog1 ·


New piece
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Bridger ·

Homage or The Better Choice….

Homage doesn’t Carry as much weight as it used to. I’ve come to realize that everyone is building homages, even the main manufacturers build homage wa...
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Call_me_V ·

How do you feel about Spinnaker watches?

In my opinion, Spinnaker offers some great designs at a reasonable price. I never had qc issues. I do wish they sold bracelets for their watches separ...
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andreb ·

A month later, honeymoon not over

The Draken wasn't a big surprise in a way. I was already in love, high expectations but it felt just normal to see the watch is as good as expected. T...
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Matt84 ·

UK Super Compressor review

This is my second try of this 60’s style diver my first being the Dan Henry 1970. First impression was that it’s a bulky piece that feels very solid....

Spinnaker Bradner

3.6 Avg. Score
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honedwatches ·

Spinnaker Piccard

Just sharing my other Spinnaker in the collection. The Piccard is inspired by Jacques Piccard who reached the deepest point on earth in the Mariana Tr...
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nsw068 ·

Introductory post

Hey everyone! First timer here. Stumbled upon this site as I was scrolling watch things on google. Only recently getting into watches (I wear an Apple...
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Scooby ·

Anyone had any experience with Spinnaker?

Found one in TK MAXX for £80 I'm just tossing up whether to buy or not
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