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How to build a relationship with an Authorized Dealer?

I am fairly new to the watch world and got a serious question: For a lot of watches you need a good relationship with an AD to be even considered as a...

Oddest reasons for not buying a watch?

What is the oddest reason you've given or heard for not buying a particular watch brand? I want to be clear, I don't want to initiate a circular firin...

A nice talk at the department store.

My brother and I went to a nearby department store because he wanted to pick up a Citizen Tsuyosa. I was taking a look and tried on a Seiko Speedtimer...

Where to buy Lorier Neptune in European Union?

Guys I got interested in Baltic Aquascaphe and Lorier Neptune IV. I went to their websites and Baltic is around 2x the price of Lorier. This almost ma...

Serendipity Strikes Again!

Two visits to this AD — two lucky finds! First time, I walked out with a Rolex of my dreams, even though I was not even considering this (see my post...

Underrated watch brand?

So I’ve been thinking, with so many watches at all price points available Who is the most underrated watch brand/watchmaker right now and why?

Farer vs Christopher ward

I’m planning buy second watch from my micro brand, but I am in a dilemma which one should I choose. So, having a poll to get thoughts about it
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Watch Life in Podunkadunkaville: A Quick Snapshot

So I live in the southwest, in a lovely small town that is not Scottsdale (so no AZ Fine Time). And we have no , that's right, zero, ADs. (Side note:...

Watch Buying/Selling Regrets?

Good morning Crunchers! Have you ever bought a watch that for some reason you saved up money for and had your eye on it for a while and then bought it...

Best enabling one liner?

Watches are completely irrational, unnecessary shiny toys , and nothing more. Yet we can always buy another one because we love them so much. Often th...