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Price when buying a new watch

Buying a watch and the price of it. Choosing a new watch is head scratching fun at times. If your like me, then I change my mind 3 times a day. There...

Who Argues with Irritating Buyers? Who Argues with Stubborn Sellers?

Curious. I'm trying to load off a few of my watches to streamline the collection. Also, I've written here and here and here about having just one watc...

Any idea if christopher ward will ever release for ordering the Bel canto 9324

I have been going back and forth to get a #christopherward belcanto myself for quite a while. Added to cart god knows how many times just cos I was no...

Straps EU websites

For those living in the EU, can you recommend any good websites for buying high-quality straps?

This Post Will Save You Thousands aka How To Buy A Watch

I have been buying watches since I was old enough to scrape a couple bucks together to get a cheap watch at a discount department store on clearance,...

Rolex service on grey market watches?

I've been keeping an eye on the Rolex Milguass (116400gv) through watchcharts since it was discontinued and prices have no dropped below retail for th...

Help me out ! Does Anybody know where I can buy this piece ?

I thought about pulling the trigger and now I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve seen it on gnomonwatches but the price is a bit steep for it and I have no...

Shall I buy the 2 Omega’s I love or wait for the a Rolex Batman.

Hello everyone, I like all these 3 watches a lot. I have the chance to buy 2 omegas ( Seamaster 300 white dial 😍& omega de ville with the amazing...

Is it a trap?

So, there's a certain watch I've been eyeing and I asked my wife how she would feel about me buying it since it's a significant purchase. Her reply wa...

Buying JDM watches, what’s the best way to buy?

I’ve been looking at some JDM only watches from Citizen. I don’t have any experience buying JDM watches. I’m looking to buy new, with all associated p...