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Bracelet swap

Following your suggestions, I finally swapped the bracelet on my Casio A158. I must say I am quite satisfied with the end result!

Before and after.

Today’s bracelet change on the Ray2 with some before and after pics. New bracelet has some taper akin to Rolex submariner oyster , original was just t...

Review : Hodinkee Swiss Army Knife - modified

I just bought a Hodinkee branded Victorinox Swiss Army knife. It’s a basic SA knife 2 inch long by .4 inch thick, with a blade, scissors, tweezers, to...

Victorinox Swiss Army x Hodinkee N/A

5.0 Avg. Score

The Old Swaparoo

I'm happier than a pig in fresh poo. I'll (hopefully, briefly) explain... Looking at my watches last night. Looking at the ones that haven't been worn...
On my way to run errands with the Citizen Promaster Automatic with the full lume dial. When I bought the watch, I saw a video of someone reviewing the...
Good morning Crunchers! Duro Monday, with a nice new bracelet 👌🏻 Have a marvellous Monday all!
Swapped in a mesh bracelet from watch gecko for my recent acquisition, looks killer IMHO!

My PRW 3000 rides again

Been struggling to find a decent strap/bracelet for my Pro Trek until I found this one. I'm a bit miffed that it's not the same share as the case but...

Stock Bracelet vs SLA049/051 bracelet

Better fitting and it looks great!

Grand Seiko SBGN009 on a Beads of rice Bracelet

I wanted to put my Grand Seiko on a bracelet that’s both Comfortable and matches the watch. I think it looks good on a Beads of Rice Bracelet. I been...