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ezpzCA ·

The Battle of the Timers: Chronograph VS. Rotating Bezel

Which do you prefer between a watch with a chronograph and a rotating bezel for measuring elasped-time (e.g. a diving or countdown bezel)? Which method of timing do you find more useful on a day-to-da...
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Universal_Lee ·

Tudor tool???

So while on holiday I wore my recently acquired Pelagos Black… Went for a couple of swims… and this happened! It is apparently a known fault… wish I’d...
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Rocky150 ·


Just opened box. Feels splendid. Looks great. +2 seconds on timer. HOWEVER the bezel is pretty tight. Any advice?
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synaptyx ·

Holy Bicolour Bezels, Batman!

Can someone explain the reason for bicolour bezels on standard three-handers with timing bezels? I love the look, but is it of practical use on a non-...
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LookAtTheTime ·

12 Hour Bezel

Question: how do you all feel about 12 hour rotating bezels? I’m surprised they aren’t more common. I’m trying to decide if I want to mod my Citizen P...
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admit_to_IM ·

Bezel Clicks: How many should they have?

Lots of options out there and it depends on the watch, but what is your preferred number of clicks on the bezels of your watches? Seems that 120 is the industry standard for a timing bezel, but curiou...
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Solex3800 ·

Replace rotating bezel on a Seiko diver

Hi friends I have a Seiko diver SBDC007. Do you know where I can find a bezel that can replace the original one? It's not accurate...
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A Pro Divers Take on The Everyday Wear

We love engaging with the community and striking up conversation. Our latest forum post "What A Professional Diver Looks For In An Everyday Watch" tak...

What A Professional Diver Looks For In An Everyday Watch | Horage Swiss Watches
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Solex3800 ·

Crooked rotating bezel

Hi, I have a Seiko sbdc007 witch rotating bezel is not accurate. As any watch lover I like my watch to be mechanically precise. id it possible to repl...
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cycle_of_fifths ·

Feynman Fjord

Just received this today! I got this on pre-order as a graduation present to myself and have been waiting about 6 months. Feynman has such a unique ae...
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