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Favorite bezel color on a diver? Post up your favorites

Red bezel Davosa Swiss Ternos Sixties today. Let’s see your favorite colors. Blue, green, orange, there’s no wrong answer so let’s have some fun

Let’s see those bezels- post ‘em up

12 hour bezels, 24 hour bezels, compass bezel, slide rule bezels, and more. Post up your favorites. I’ll start with a Venturian stack here

Crunchers, what are your use cases for bezel?

Normally, I don't use it at all. I simply love dive-style watches But today was the first time! I left my G-Shock at the office so I couldn't track th...
Black matte configuration with light green leaves. Unimatic U1S-PD1

For what activities do you most often use a dive time bezel?

For me it’s timing long walks and hikes!
Baltic Aquascaphe SB01 - a shot at Heathrow this time. You can see the 12h bezel in action: one hour offset from my own time. GMT functionality in its...

What is your preferred material for bezels?

One of the biggest complaints in the youtube comments about the new tudor monochrome was that it was made out of aluminum. I personally do not have a preference about bezel material, I just could not...
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It's just a black no-name plastic watch with an uncomfortable rubberstrap. And I love it 💪🤩 Wish you all a peaceful weekend 🤝

What's the craziest lume you've seen on a watch?

This Tissot SeaTouch has some unusual, asymmetric lume on the bezel and dial, and I'm still not sure how it's supposed to be used. What's the weirdest...