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Watch Apps For Your Phone

Does anyone else use an App to manage their collection? Have been using WatcheePro for a few years and find it pretty good. You can track wear rate of...

WatchCrunch App is Live 🤯

You asked for it (a lot) and the long awaited day is finally here. We've been burning the midnight oil to make an app for both iOS and Android. Here i...

Twixt Time App

Anyone using the Twixt Time App ? I have downloaded it a few days ago and I find it quite useful in order to track accuracy. Take a pic, then another...

WC App Update 2.0.2 is 💯🔥👏

For anyone who was mostly sticking with the browser version of WC like I was, I’m happy to say that now’s the time to make the move to the app! The #w...

Welcome New App Users

The new app is finally here and, as expected, WatchCrunch has experienced a huge rush of new users. New folks should be posting and interacting with t...

Thanks! WatchCrunch Admin

Thanks to @WatchCrunch and @Max ! On the app, the ability to use more than just hearts quick style has started working for me in the WRUW. It's waaaaa...

I give up, I'm going to have to ask...

...How do you insert GIFs on Watchcrunch? Every time I try it tells me they aren't supported 🤷‍♀️

Watch Crunch - via browser or app?

With the launch of the app today you have a choice - access the old way via a browser - or the slinky new way via a fancy app on your iOS or Android device. So what’s it to be? Ps. Yes this is my firs...
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BlackBay58 🤌🏼

So glad we got an app now! Here is a recent photo I took of my black bay 58! I want to check out the 54. What did everyone think about watches and won...

Review of App - "MyCollections"

I've seen a couple of Crunchers mention how they use spreadsheets or apps to track what they have / want etc. I thought I'd review the one I use on An...