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Acrylic - issue or non-issue?

For the last couple of years my daily wearer had a sapphire glass. I recently received my Lorier Astra and because it has Hesalite crystal, I wonder w...

Finally the Astra has landed!

After my unsuccessfully attempt to buy it at release, I preordered it and today it finally arrived. I really enjoy the aesthetics of this watch!

The most important question: Do you set your F-91W to 24h or AM/PM mode?

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commented on Finally the Astra has landed!

First I don麓t like blue watches in general, and second the white dial looks more classy to me.

commented on La Grande Finale!

Guess who I will be voting for

commented on Finally the Astra has landed!

I would say just as expected. For my wrist it's fits perfectly.

commented on What watches are good for heavy metal fans?

Defianately not a titanium watch :D

commented on Yema Wristmaster or Lorier Astra?

When does the Astra come out?

commented on What's your pick for a sub $2k GMT?

I got my C63 GMT couple of months ago and still in love with it. Built quality, specification, utilitarian look and wearability are amazing for this price range. Can't go wrong with it (if you like this piece of course) 馃檪

commented on Opinions on Brew Metric - Retro Dial?

Can anyone tell me how much weight this watch on the bracelet has?

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Thinking about the next addition to my collection - Lorier Astra

Hi folks, since I watched a video from Max I cannot get his watch out of my head. What's your thought on this model or Lorier in general? Currently my...

Horage Lensman 2 - a watch for all (analog or manual) photographers out there...

I have recently seen a video on YouTube from "Art of Photography" about a watch, with an interesting complication. The watch has an exposure calculati...

Looking for a casual watch

Hi, I am looking for a casual watch. With that I mean a very inexpensive, low profile, small and light watch for wearing at home or in the garden, whe...

Opinion on "watches are not necessary anymore"

I have heard this a lot - recently in the latest Q&A from Tedy Baldasare - that watches are not necessary anymore because of phones, smart watches...

Christopher Ward goes the "integrated" way

I have just received their newsletter, and I am curious what the watch will look like and how the pricing is. What is your suggestion?

What do you consider as your "watch collection"?

I am preparing to share my SOTC here with you folks and came up the question which one to show. Because I would only say to some of them that they are included in my collection. How are you defining y...
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