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What鈥檚 Your Top Tip for Surviving Watch Life?

Mine is don鈥檛 try to push pins back in with your fingers. 馃槀 馃└
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New Birthday Watch

Wanted one of these for years and got some extra pocket money this month, so I treated myself (again) to a cheeky early birthday present. My birthday...
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What鈥檚 your dominant hand and on which wrist do you wear your watch?

I was just thinking about this and wondered if it has a causation or correlation with more dinged up watches. Hmmm. Anyhoo, how do you wear your watch? What鈥檚 most comfortable to you? 馃 Vote and discu...
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synaptyx commented on Thoughts on skeleton watches?

Yeeeeaaah, no. 馃ぎ馃馃槄

synaptyx commented on The only one you need...?

Been waiting on the price to drop on the Titanium Tough and Citizen just put it up by 拢50. Ffs 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檪锔徛

synaptyx commented on a post

Man, I love all that weird stuff, Root Beer, Dandelion and Burdock, Marmite, etc鈥 If you鈥檙e from the UK and remember the smell of Germoline antiseptic, Root Beer tastes like the smell of that. 馃槀

synaptyx commented on Clemence Watches Virtual Booth

It was heartening to see that the @Clemence_Watches Photic Diver has, if not completely, mostly sold out very quickly for Tom. 聽It has to be a nightmare being a microbrand in this financial era. I await my Kelp dial with bated breath. 馃槉馃憣

synaptyx commented on Where are the digital microbrands?

Here鈥檚 one from G Gerlach a Polish microbrand that I just remembered about http://gerlach.org.pl/kosmonauta.html

synaptyx commented on Modifying an Icon

Do what you like. My opinion means nothing. 馃槀

synaptyx commented on Research Time - Best Watches from the 1990s

I probably wore digital watches exclusively for the whole of the 鈥80s/鈥90s, then got a Citizen Eco Drive Worldtimer with enough going on on the dial to melt your brain. That was around 1998 and wore that for probably ten years, then a G-Shock before getting into watches properly.聽

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Dying arts - Handmade bracelets and chains

Milanese bracelets and other chain work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7OBdkj4q88
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NWA Citizen Promaster Loomy

I had this in my eBay watch list for literally years and never picked it up. I saw it appear on Amazon UK a few weeks ago. I sat and looked at it, put...
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馃 Prime Day Purchase Arrived 馃槀

I was browsing the Prime day sale and as someone with a clear shopping addiction and a severe case of financial irresponsibility, this is a pass time...
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What did you get on Prime Day?

What did you get? I got this Invicta. lol 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檪锔 I am an idiot. 馃槀馃憣 It was a few quid cheaper than usual: 拢57 not a massive saving. I鈥檓 getting into two...
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Orient Kamasu II Aftermarket Bracelet Options?

Does anyone know of an aftermarket tapering bracelet for the Orient Kamasu II? I love the watch, but the bracelet doesn鈥檛 taper enough for me. I like...
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Holy Bicolour Bezels, Batman!

Can someone explain the reason for bicolour bezels on standard three-handers with timing bezels? I love the look, but is it of practical use on a non-...
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New field watch

I was looking for a field watch, a titanium watch and a pvd black watch. I was most surprised when I discovered Bertucci had a watch that was all thre...
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