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synaptyx ·

New field watch

I was looking for a field watch, a titanium watch and a pvd black watch. I was most surprised when I discovered Bertucci had a watch that was all thre...
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synaptyx ·

SKX007 on Amazon for £300

Not exactly a bargain to be sure, but it’s a better price than I’ve seen in a long time:
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synaptyx ·

Ridiculous decision to make…

Okay, I‘m heading to Denmark for the weekend to visit friends and I’ve narrowed it down to one of four watches to take with. G-Shock GW-M5610 Classic...
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synaptyx commented on Any thoughts... ·

I suspect that 36mm may be your sweet spot, but as Ichibunz says try them on! Good hunting, the 36mm space seems to be making a bit of a comeback!

synaptyx commented on Date or No Date on dial? ·

There are great ways to integrate the day/date into a watch design, but most manufacturers just don’t give it enough thought or attention. No date is preferable to a poorly executed, or boring date display. Oh and you can keep a cyclops off my crystal, thanks. Especially one that barely magnifies. 

synaptyx commented on Tudor Countdown Announcement? ·

Happy to wait and see. I won’t have this kind of Watch money for a whole long while. 😅

synaptyx commented on Who else loves Tudor?😍 ·

Yep I love what they’re doing. Wish they’d make a smaller Pelagos tho lol. 

synaptyx commented on Happy Pride, watch fam! ·

Just more proof that watch is a stealth strap monster! 👏 🌈 

synaptyx commented on Thoughts on Bell & Ross? ·

I like their iconic square watches less and less these days as my taste changes, although the BR05 integrated bracelet watch is quite the looker. I still feel they are overpriced by a long shot.

synaptyx commented on Your Collection: Big Brands or Micros ·

I used to be all about micros, but in the end they were never in stock when I had money, and I fell out of love with most of them. So my micro collection has dwindled to one in in my thirty plus watch collection. 

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synaptyx ·

Another nerdy video - Watchmaker breaks down Japanese and Swiss movements We have favourite designs, features and complications. This guy has favourite movement components! 😊 Fascinating and rela...
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synaptyx ·

Budget friendly quartz tool watches, what’s your favourite?

So weirdly*, I’m getting into quartz tool watches and playing in the sub £150 market looking for some good stuff like the Citizen Excalibur there. Wha...
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synaptyx ·

Zodiac ZO9266 Just Landed

Saw this on sale yesterday and couldn’t resist, it has been on my want list for at least three years I think. I am blown away, it’s truly a stunning p...
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synaptyx ·

Seagull 1963 Strap Suggestions (show yours off too!)

Coffee, check ✅ Box of 18mm straps, check ✅ Not a clue where to start, check ✅ Another one in from my four watch-binge this week and I’m seeing how it...
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synaptyx ·

Affordable (cheap!) square case watch recommendations, please!

Hi folks! My dad appreciates a square cased watch and I’m getting ahead of his next birthday. Trying to avoid a Cartier Tank budget, more like a £100...
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