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Laco original Kempten

I used to own Stowa Flieger 36mm A-type. It was nice watch with modern case and excellent lume. However the simpleness of A-type started to get boring...

Comparison shots of seiko 6105-8110 and Rdunae r2x

I guess nobody would be interested in cheap knock off of legendary Willard. But I will leave this photos for small group of people who's looking for t...

Comparison shots of skx015 and skx009

Hi, I've recently bought a skx015 which is super rare skx and I was curious that how it compares with skx009. So I bought a skx009 as well. Here's the...

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commented on ANY ELSE CAN RELATE??? ยท


commented on Tips for skinny people ยท

Good solution. Also if the case back is flat as yours, it will be comfortable already even if it's big and bulky watch.

commented on Show me your best dialsโ€ฆ ยท

I didn't like the damaged dial at first but it starts to grow onme.

commented on The Willard ยท

Love this dial the best among prospex Willards.

commented on Comparison shots of skx015 and skx009 ยท

Even with my tiny wrist(6.1inch), both of them wear just fine. They have almost same thickness and lug to lug difference is small. Of course I prefer the small watches so I am leaning toward skx015 but when it comes to wearability, both of them are just fine.

commented on Comparison shots of skx015 and skx009 ยท

Valid point. However this skx015 is already 20 years old and there're plentiful examples of old skx's orange font gone yellow.

I do believe that dial and chapter ring is real. And there's very thin line between frankenwatch and modded watch.

Thank you for sharing your opinion :)

commented on Just bought a skx015 ยท

The main difference is the size. Skx007 in 43mm vs skx013 in 37mm. I will be posting the comparison shots.

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Just bought a skx015

I have asked few hours ago whether I should buy this watch or not. Two great fellows answered me with detailed advice and I thank you two again. I und...

Questions of SKX015

Hi, I would like ask an advince from all of you. I was recently looking for skx013 for awhile and this SKX015 came out. I understand that skx015 is ki...

Rolex 116000 with blue 369 dial

It was nice surprise to see video of oysterperpetual 36mm with blue 369 dial. This watch is really ve...


From the left, Timex ironman(famously worn by Jocko Willink) Seiko 6105-8110(Captain Willard) GG-W-113(year 1987) CWC W10(year 1976) Rolex OP36(Weddin...

First post on watchcrunch

Hi, I've been watching various watch youtubers and many of them recomended this online community. I don't know much of custom around here but I will t...