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Hamilton - If your listening

Please make a new version of the Hamilton Cross Country. 40mm in the Jazzmaster case. Preferably Black dial. Just a suggestion. Thanks for listening.
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Stupid Watch Thoughts

When your lusting after a watch on ebay (vintage in my case) and you can tell by just looking at the standard photos of a new posting, that it's a gar...
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Tudor's new watches - Now Without a Crown Gap!

So looking at the photos on the website it looks like they have FINALLY gotten the crown flush with the case resolving my personal issue with Tudor wa...
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8/10. Thanks, that was fun.

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I picked up a couple in a bulk watch purchase on ebay a few years ago to get an old casio I used to own.  A "GMT Master 2" black and a "blue sub." I saw them on JOMW and decided to give them a try since they were sold as a group with the casio. Movement is fine, within specs but will lose about 10/15 secs a day. Bracelets are meh. Better than Seiko, but some sharp edges. Solid end links though. Loom is garbage. The cyclops is useless on both.  The sub's case is actually a sea dweller size, so it was too big for me at a 42mm. They are a decent watch with some good specs, but you can tell the difference in feel compared to a seiko or similar.

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Great overview. I would add that other differences with the new models is the new 3861 movement "hacks" unlike the others and the dial, besides the stepped dial, also has less hash marks on the outer part of the dial.

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Is that the special Seiko braided nato that comes with that watch?  I'm just wondering how the build quality is on that strap.

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Labor Union Representative for behind the scenes workers in the entertainment industry - derogatorily referred to by many as a "Union Boss."

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No, this was horribly re-done US DoD issued Hamilton GG-W-113 from my birth year, but also my birth month being sold out of TX. 

The crown was polished for goodness sake!

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Wore a blue suit at work so that's why the watch is not green. Plus I'm still saving for the green gada watch I want to make it complete.

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New Titanium Hamiltons on the website

Blue Dial - Green Dial -
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Wolbrook/Douglas Watches

Any one have any experience with these? Wondering how well the finishing is considering the cost.
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It seemed only fitting...

To wear a Hamilton when seeing Hamilton tonight.
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Sunday Night Stupid Watch Thoughts

Can you ever really "un-see" the different size lugs on the Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona once you notice?
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Sunday Night Stupid Watch Thoughts

I've been trying to recall my earliest watch memory that may have sent me down this road of horology hoarding. I'm not sure if typing 5,318,008 my Cas...
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Sunday Night Stupid Watch Thoughts

Daniel Striped Tiger from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood should be acknowledged as the OG gateway drug pusher that he was.
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Sunday Night Stupid Watch Thoughts

I would pay money to meet the head of product design at Invicta just so I could ask them, "Why?"
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