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simonswatch ·

10:10 or 1:50?

Quick poll
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simonswatch ·

My new Baby ;)

Finally pulled the trigger on this two days ago and got a good deal on it. This being my most expensive watch to this point I am blown away by the qua...
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simonswatch ·

Tried Watch Photography

Hey I wanted to try something new and im okay with the results but not quite happy. Any Suggestions? Had to compress the images because of watch crunc...
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simonswatch commented on Help, what am I not considering? ·

watch this video its about watch criteria and collecting. really interesting input that could be useful in your situation 

simonswatch commented on What are your thoughts on Frederique constant? ·

I like the Hands on the Dark Dial but I like the White dial so this one -->

Classics Worldtimer Manufacture
simonswatch commented on time themed songs ·

how is Time - Pink Floyd not in here 

simonswatch commented on Are we all on WatchCrunch to flex... to ourselves? The "Inner Flex": Thomas Schelling, game theory, nuclear deterrence, time inconsistent utility functions, and watches ·

That post is incredibly thoughtful. And I reflected on that before and can tell you right away. I’m a really communicative person and I love to share what excites me and at the moment it’s basically always watches. I can’t unload All of that in friends and family and here people are listening that have the same feeling of joy when they look at a watch regardless of the price. 

simonswatch commented on Are we too fixated on water resistance? ·

Honestly don’t really know but it’s doesn’t matter to me really 

simonswatch commented on Cream/Beige dial field watch recommendations please ·

Swiss watch company has a few field watches. They all have amazing lume, are titanium and amounts o AR that’s nuts

simonswatch commented on Are we too fixated on water resistance? ·

Yes fair point. 

I’m guessing everything above 150m is not necessary.

But the WR implies ruggedness of a watch and if there Is one thing everybody hates it’s a broken watch. I guess what I’m trying to say is the 100m is always nice to have

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simonswatch ·

Perfect 3 Watch collection 1 or 2?

Hey there, Ive been thinking about this and it has stuck to me 3 Watches is a really nice size for a collection. No stressing about to many watches Every watch gets wrist time Every watch has a purpos...
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simonswatch ·

Instant regret?

Alright. I just wanted to share this because initially I was fascinated by the VH31 sort of highbeat quartz movement. which in my opinion is just perf...
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simonswatch ·

Watchmaking Tool Kit

Hey there, I want To get into watchmaking and moding. basically just a little modding on some vostoks or messing around with aliexpress parts. for tha...
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simonswatch ·

Servicing Affordable and Luxury Watches?

Hey there, I was recently talking to Roland Schwertner (Nomos) and he told me Watch Service needs to be done at least every 10 years. But a watch Serv...
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simonswatch ·

Watches on both wrists?

Ive seen this on multiple occasions. I just wanted to ask why someone would do that? Is it to track more than one timezone? I don't really get it plea...
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simonswatch ·

The one to rule them all and keep forever (300€/320$)

Okay so hear me out I just have an interesting thought experiment. I know for some here this nothing they would usually even look at but I want to kno...
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simonswatch ·

Whats really your current taste in watches?

I just saw a different post on here and it inspired me to think about this. So our collections are ever changing as our tastes do. So there is not rea...
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