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NWA Serica 6190

Completely in love with this watch! It fulfills and combines so much of what I love about art and watches. Roman and arabic numerals. Beauty and tough...

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commented on I really like this new Serica Watch

Love my 6190! Highly legible and keeps great time at +1sec a day. Love the white dial version and applied metal indices but not convinced about the layout this time around. Seconds track and the lines on the hour markers seem to constrict the dial for me. Still, happy their trying new things and evolving their brand. Hoping for a chronograph from them in the future!

commented on What would you do?

Yes! In a heartbeat

commented on Help! Opinions about the Serica 5303 COSC

Sorry if I wasn鈥檛 clear. I guess I was going after the watch community鈥檚 unwillingness to forgive and give a second chance when they clearly have for other companies with questionable/unethical pasts. Serica did some questionable perhaps even unethical things BUT they deserve a second chance as other companies have gotten. They鈥檙e also so new (5 yrs or so), they are experiencing growing pains. I used those companies as an example of revamped heritage and history that is successful and people鈥檚 willingness to move on to own an extraordinary product. I believe Serica has fixed their issues and is offering astounding products with excellent build quality and integrity. I own their 6190 and it鈥檚 amazing. My two cents, maybe I鈥檓 biased 馃槄

You鈥檙e right though, it is tough! But honestly I don鈥檛 think you should have anything to fear with their new generation of watches. They鈥檙e top notch as far as I can tell!

commented on Help! Opinions about the Serica 5303 COSC

I understand your fears and frustrations. How I see it is this. Serica is a new company that messed up with their movement and then tried to excuse their mess up by gaslighting their customers etc. It was shady and not the best business and customer relation practices. They since however have gone above and beyond to reconcile these mistakes. I understand people鈥檚 frustration with Serica and unwillingness to let them forget their past. However, I do believe they deserve a second chance. It鈥檚 also strange to me the fervor with which the watch community has gone after Serica when other bigger entities have messed up in much bigger ways and are yet still supported.

If IWC, Stowa, Laco & A. Lange & Sohne can supply watches to the Nazi Luftwaffe and STILL come out unscathed with all the heritage, history and engineering to become WCs pilot watch darlings, Serica can also move on and try again. If the founder of Sinn, who flew for the Luftwaffe, can be inspired by the plane instruments and start a watch company and successfully sell that history and become WCs darling, Serica can move on.

If Audi, Hugo Boss, Adidas, etc can have successful rebrandings and sustain their heritage, engineering, innovations, Serica should also be permitted to move on.

commented on Flip my Datejust 1603 for a Blue OP 116000?

Keep the vintage, get a modern Rolex Explorer

commented on New watch day :-) SPB411

Congrats! Lovely watch.

commented on NWA: Thinking Pink

Congrats!! These are so awesome.