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My first chinese homage watch

I鈥檝e liked Tudor Blackbay Pro鈥檚 design since the very early days of my watch addiction, which started just around 2 years ago but it鈥檚 been constantly...

Early NY gift from my girlfriend 鉂わ笍

Here鈥檚 my early (surprise) new year鈥檚 gift from my beautiful girlfriend. 馃帀 I was very interested in getting one of Baltic鈥檚 watches and this one was...

My love-hate relationship with Batgirl

Here鈥檚 my GMT Master II, which I got at a local AD a few months back. Me and one of bfs who鈥檚 also my watch buddy got our first Rolex watches together...

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commented on My love-hate relationship with Batgirl

The problem is I am married to that jubilee 馃槩

commented on Crunchers Assemble!

What a collection! In fact, most of those watches are on my wishlist 馃槃I feel like we share a very similar taste

commented on Got white dials?

Here鈥檚 my only white dial watch and I absolutely love it! 馃槏

commented on rossonero's WRUW

Yeah, I only wore it 3-4 times before that happened, so it鈥檚 brand new. And nope, I haven鈥檛 yet, I鈥檓 planning to take it to a watchmaker. Unfortunately there鈥檚 no Baltic service center anywhere near and to you use the 2 year warranty I would need to sent it to France.

commented on rossonero's WRUW

Yeah that combo is really something else 馃槏I have the rubber strap as well, so I get to change it from time to time

commented on rossonero's WRUW

Same here 馃敟

commented on rossonero's WRUW

Well I gave him my Batgirl in return 馃槀

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Finally got the bracelet for my Seamaster 馃帄

Just got the steel bracelet for my Seamaster 300m. I鈥檝e been waiting for it for almost 3 months but it鈥檚 totally worth it! 馃槏Many people don鈥檛 like it...

Mido Multifort TV Big Date.. a genuine inspiration from the archives or too much of a Patek omage? 馃

I鈥檓 really loving this recent Mido release. Especially the orange rubber band/gray dial combination. But one question keeps bothering me in my head. I...

Moonshine gold/green dial Speedy as a grail watch anyone? 馃槂

I think at this point this is my ultimate grail watch. Probably not a popular choice but I wonder if anyone else feels the same way? 馃 I love the spe...

Oystersteel allergy?!

So apparently I have an allergic reaction to oystersteel. 馃槃2 days ago I purchased one of my dream watches and my first Rolex - a GMT Master 2 on a ju...

Not the experience I expected at a Rolex AD!

So, I just got my GMT Master 2 on Jubilee today at an AD in Baku :) apparently we鈥檙e lucky with the ADs and their supply here, cause I got my watch wi...