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Leiria, Portugal
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Dan Henry 1970

Great watch for a relaxed saturday馃槃

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commented on Pascal's WRUW

Very nice dial

commented on Which PRX?

I have the blue one... nice dial

commented on ricardobatista's WRUW


commented on Dan Henry 1970

They have vh36 meca quartz in their chronographs, anda they use seiko nh35 in the rest of the watches, but all the watches have good value for money... take a look.. https://danhenrywatches.com/

commented on Traveling- take quality or a beater?

It depends where are you going... i am from Portugal... we have either good places where you can use a beater (trekking in madeira island for exemple 馃槄... my wife is from that island 馃槤馃槤馃槤) or a all day watch for your "tourist" days 馃榿.

commented on Blancpain x Swatch Scuba Fifty Fathoms. Did you get one?

Good looking watch 馃憦

commented on Seiko ssk005

Tks 馃槅

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Seiko ssk005

Hi... i am a new member of this group... i am from Portugal.. i love this orange dial 馃榿