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IWC Humor

Apple unveiled their new Apple Watch at their Wonderlust Event earlier this week. Though I am not sure if this is a coincidence or not, IWC surely see...

Travel Pouch by Nostime

Traveling with several watches has always been a problem for me. In the past, I鈥檝e tried wrapping them in tissue, stuffing them in socks and even trie...

Pairing Watch with Ring and Jewelry?

I have been slowly getting more attracted to yellow gold and rose gold watches these days. But, when I try one on, I can't seem to get over how the watch and my silver colored wedding band do not comp...
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project880 commented on project880's WRUW


project880 commented on project880's WRUW

Thank you!

project880 commented on The trouble with Grand Seiko

The GS on my wrist has countless battle scars and wounds. The bracelet has been smashed up against so many tables and desks (some walls too), the polishing has become pretty much matte. The lugs, bezel and case all have several dings and scratches. The hands and indices are the most polished at this point since they are protected by the crystal. In fact, this morning, I accidentally smashed my metal water bottle against the side of the GS case since I miscalculated the position of my hand when I was putting away my bottle 馃槀. I can't tell if there are any new scratches because there are already so many. Perhaps I am being too cavalier but the love for my GS has not diminished. After all, it's my most worn watch.

Some people prefer to keep their watches in a case or safe, but I enjoy wearing mine.

project880 commented on Saw these at the GS boutique in NYC

I think it鈥檚 the SBGH337

project880 commented on project880's WRUW

I do see them on the 2nd hand market from time to time!

project880 commented on PearlyP's WRUW

Fantastic shot in the air!

project880 commented on Traveling with one watch?

It's the SBGE249 aka Blizzard

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