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Which budget automatic

I'm looking to buy a budget automatic in my collection. I've shortlisted 2 watches as both are just 拢100 right now. First is the well know and loved Vostok Amphibia Scuba dude. I think much has alread...
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Casio Royale Bronze - Simple, Functional and Joyful

We've all heard about the venerable Casio Royale and how it's such an amazing watch. I've looked at it multiple times but somehow managed to avoid add...

Sea-Gull Simplicity

Being a budget watch collector, last week I was endlessly browsing through Aliexpress 11.11 sale like many others. There were so many good deals from...

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commented on Vintage Roamer, or is it?

I have been eyeing the same watch on eBay since months now but wasn鈥檛 confident to pull the plug worried if it was genuine. Thanks to this post, I feel confident now.

commented on preet2408's WRUW

Yeah.. It does wear big. Good luck :)

commented on preet2408's WRUW

Hey, thanks. My wrist size is 7 inch

commented on preet2408's WRUW

Hi. It came this way. For the price, I feel they've done a decent job especially with the case. The dial and strap are also aged nicely. The domed mineral crystal adds to the vintage aesthetic. Wish they would have aged the case back also. Can't complaint for the price though.

commented on Which budget automatic

That makes sense. Thanks :)

commented on Which budget automatic

That's exactly what I was worried about. Can't deny they have history being them, but reliability is not something I want to compromise with. Used is something I was looking at. Couldn't find anything that fit. Will try again. Thanks for the input.

commented on Which budget automatic

Hey. Thanks for the input. I've had a few pagani and addiesdive watches before and I agree it's hard to beat the specs they offer for the price. This time I'm looking for something non Chinese.

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History of things we love

During my London trip, one of the must do's in my list was to visit the Clockmakers Museum. The overall experience was really good and at the end I wa...

An Homage - Useful or Not ?

To date, I have never bought an homage watch. I have nothing against them, but I have always decided to stick with the mainstream brands (Casio, Seiko...

Early Birthday Gift from Wifey

Just got this from my wife for my upcoming birthday. Such a nice feeling to get a watch for birthday . I've been wanting to buy something from a Briti...

LIP T18 Churchill or Rotary Cambridge

So, I have decided to treat myself to a new watch on my birthday, and I want to try something different than usual. I have been fascinated by rectangular watches for quite some time, but never left my...
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A sweeping Quartz!

One of the most discussed points when talking about why mechanical watch is the 'sweeping hand'. Though my collection right now is all quartz, I do li...

Latest Acquisition - Duro Batman

So I finally got this today and I'm just mindblown. I had heard and read rave reviews about this watch and how it's possibly the best VFM watch and no...