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paratime ·

"No more SEIKOs"

You say to yourself: "No more SEIKO watches!" And the you see this... 😍
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Daily GMT

Do you wear occasionally or even regularly a GMT, even when you are not travelling? Do you have a specific time zone that you like to keep track of? P...
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Collective wisdom about YEMA

Dear watch collectors and enthusiasts, Your input based on your experienced and wisdom is kindly requested. I've been asking around about Yema watches...
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paratime commented on Service your watch like you are following a maintenance schedule or wait for the malfunction? That's where I am with several of my watches...... ·

For me, it depends on two factors. Where you live and how expensive the watch is. For a watch less than 2k Euros I'd wait for the malfunction. For more expensive watches, if I had reasonably easy access to a reliable repair centre or the manufacturer I'd do the maintenance.

paratime commented on Good luck with this poll ·

A. JLC, Sinn, CWard, Timex, MVMT

I will miss Casio and Grand Seiko but JLC, Sinn, and CWard, I mean, cmon!

paratime commented on Collective wisdom about YEMA ·

Thanks for the recommendation. I will have a look.

paratime commented on "No more SEIKOs" ·

Good thing I can't afford it 🤭

paratime commented on Daily GMT ·

I wish you to find the GMT that will convince you to add it to your collection ;)

paratime commented on Daily GMT ·

These are beautiful!! 🤩 I never thought of the 24h GMT hand as a "sandglass". That's an excellent use of the GMT hand!

paratime commented on Where are all the Sinners? ·

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paratime ·

Impressive gift that doesn't break the bank

Small gift for my wife for our engagement anniversary. She really liked the color and the fact the she can dress it up for the office or dress it down...
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paratime ·

Amazon messes watch order up

After two weeks of refreshing the browser for delivery status updates, Amazon sent me a guitar effects processor instead of the Zeppelin Hindenburg Mo...
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Straps for Seiko SARB035

Any suggestions for interesting straps for my Seiko #sarb035 ? Especially on the dressier side. I'm lacking a pure dress watch atm, so I'm using this...
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