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Turned off by Hodinkee lately??!!!

Anybody feel the same way I do? Lately, like for the past year or so, their content has started to feel a bit like an advitorial - an ad disguised as...
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Underrated watch brand?

So I’ve been thinking, with so many watches at all price points available Who is the most underrated watch brand/watchmaker right now and why?
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Unitas 6380 Regulator - sell or keep?

The only time piece I have with sub-dials. Hours at 12 & seconds at 6. Kind of a mishmash with its two-tone case, san serif font for the date, ser...
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msugarman commented on Slim dress watch challenge ·

Thinness is considered a complication in most cases. Piaget was the marque in sophisticated thin horology until rather recently with Bulgari & Richard Mille taking over the title

msugarman commented on Watch for kids? ·

Parchie is a watch brand specifically designed for kids. Also check out Block watches, which are kind of cool. Happy hunting

msugarman commented on Weak during Black Week ·

congrats! That’s what I call a Daytona Slayer! beautiful & wise choice - Enjoy!

msugarman commented on Turned off by Hodinkee lately??!!! ·

I used to love the ‘Hey Hodinkee’ videos but alas Jack Forester is now with Watchbox & they seemed to stop the series

msugarman commented on My wife's 2023 Birthday Present has arrived! ·

Wow! What a lucky gal. Thats beautiful

msugarman commented on Turned off by Hodinkee lately??!!! ·

True, but from an editorial perspective, it seems to be just blatant advitorial and not very objective journalism. Other sites don't come across as subjective

msugarman commented on Turned off by Hodinkee lately??!!! ·

agreed on both accounts. Sara's writing is refreshing and I enjoy Nora Taylor as well.