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Funny “buy both” combination

Stumbled onto an unfamiliar Grand Seiko, the SBGC229, on Instagram, then followed the link to Amazon, who I didn’t know sold Grand Seiko. The “buy bot...
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Am I the only one that hates “wrist roll” videos?

They’re just so coy.
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My 1st Seiko Diver’s: Pepsi PADI Sumo

I found this for about $470 USD, including tax and shipping. Was lusting after a Pepsi SKX, but didn’t like paying the same price for a down-spec watc...
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mrequenes commented on Can you be unbiased with your collection? ·

I'm waiting for someone to flex the cons of their:

  • Richard Mille
  • Patek
  • A Lang & Sohne
mrequenes commented on Islander Watches, what are your opinions? ·

They occupy a unique niche between homage watches ( but with better specs than the original), and a micro-brand. They don’t yet have their own aesthetic/design-language, like most of the micro-brands do. I’m curious if they’ll eventually move in that direction. I’m guessing “no” unless Marc partners with a designer and let’s go of that part of the business.

mrequenes commented on Limited Editions ·

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five Topper (Limited) Edition is a watch I'd love to own. 

They made a few tweaks, such as eliminating the date, that appeal to some watch nerds. I think Hodinkee did the same on an IWC collab.

mrequenes commented on Office decor ·

I have one too. It has a smooth sweeping seconds hand and lume to boot! Downside is no quick set date and it takes about 30 winds to roll over one day.

mrequenes commented on Thoughts on Tissot!!!??? ·

Due to their sponsorship/ties to Motorsport, namely MotoGP, they were one of the few brands I was aware before getting into watches. Their brand “ambassadors“ were top level, badass, twenty-something MC racers.

mrequenes commented on Seiko SPB187 ·

I have a similar watch. love it. except I’m getting about +10 to +15 seconds a day, which is pretty sad. Guess I’ll try to get it regulated. 

mrequenes commented on What doesn’t bother you, but seems to bother others? ·

Agreed! Something just looks off on a domed sapphire crystal. Too boxy and the transition from edge to center is too abrupt. 

Also agree with other posters re:

  • unsigned crown: who cares and unsigned is more tool-like, less ornamental
  • non-screw down crown: easier to set. screw down chrono pushers pretty much make the chrono function unsusable when you want to time something you didn’t plan on timing ahead of time

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Is "Novelties" the new "Colorways"?

I had never heard the phrase colorway until about a year ago, when seemingly every horological YouTuber started using it-- at around the same time. Th...
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Seeking Feedback on Website That Lists Local Watch Shops

I've been living in Bangkok for a couple of years, and started collecting watches around the same time. I noticed that Bangkok is in many ways a watch...
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