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Sales advice & outreach

Hi, Gang, I'm hoping for some advice from you all about selling watches that need to be re-homed. In short, I have a few watches that I loved when I b...

Fears Brunswick salmon arrived - lovely!

Hi, Gang, I wanted to share with you all some initial impressions of the Fears Brunswick salmon that arrived today. It's a lovely and classy piece, no...

Dornbluth experience, anyone?

Hi, Gang, I'm considering saving a bundle for 18 months and having Dornbluth customize one of their lovely 38mm models for me. 聽Since it's a ton of do...

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commented on New watch day - Fears Brunswick.

Congrats! The Brunswick is just a lovely, curvy, dressy piece. It looks great!

commented on The Tesseract

Another beautiful one, Nick, awesome work! Subtle, lovely, and mesmerizing. :)

commented on Mid-day coffee

Congrats on that beauty! I was trying to talk a buddy into the "Latte-omir", since the 45 was way too big for me. It looks brilliant on you, and it's such a chill, warm color.

commented on Does anyone have good experience with SINN watches?

Love the Sinns, and I have had great 馃槤 with Watchbuys in NC. Good customer service, and I have bought a few from them. GL on the purchase and enjoy; they are great watches!

commented on District Time - Washington DC watch show

How was the show?!? We were out of town, such bad timing! Ivan is such a nice guy!

commented on Tudor

It's such a special watch, and the color of the silver really sets off so well against the lovely taupe/grey - thanks for posting! TBH, I think a bracelet would detract from the case and color, and that a strap is a better compliment, no offense. I paired it with this grey suede strap from Veblenist ( , since the stock leather band is both too stiff and sorta odd, and that seems like such a better match, IMHO. Once could really go for a wild color/texture, like a burgundy or crocodile, or like a roughout fuzzy suede - so many options!

Some folks will hate that it tarnishes and gets an uneven patina, and/or that the silver is soft and isn't as durable as steel...but that's all part of the beautiful character of this piece. I love that Tudor made this oddball dress diver, even if/especially because it's impractical and less durable. :)

commented on The new Baltic Prismic

A sneaky snipe! I saw the same thing, too. Ha! Well, it looks nice, and we'll see in a few hours! :)