lemme tell ya why your watch is better than you think
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commented on New Seiko Cocktail Time Gems ยท

hadn't realised there was a new release, thanks for the introducion to this model

those dimensions of 11.8, 40.5, 47.5mm seem a little bulky for a dress watch proper - nor is the dial so reserved as one might want in one - but for hitting up a cocktail bar after work, it's kinda perfect

commented on Excuse Me, WatchFinder? โ€œEntry-Levelโ€? ยท

aside from all that though, did anyone just stop and look at that gorgeous precision on OP's wrist - the crystal frames that elegant dial in such a way as to make it appear like a victorian cameo as gifted between lovers of the time, while simultaneously revealing the strong yet delicate features and remind one that this is not the portrait of pristine beauty we might expect a betrothed to carry always on him, but a treasure of another sort and almost as alluring

this was my first entry into this thread and that's the level i operate on

commented on Irony chrono ยท

gorgeous colour on the dial, but it was the composition of the whole piece that first got my attention - very well put together

commented on Which one would you choose? ยท

the blue !

no, the green !

the blue, definitely

thinking about it, the green

yeah, definitely the blue or the green

commented on Define Flex Label - Please! ยท

Flex is a negative word because it represents a negative phenomena, namely: doing anything for the sole intention of impressing others.

People may 'flex' for a number of reasons, such as the desire to bolster one's egos out of a sense of insecurity, or to posture oneself as more important and powerful than another and so influence them to do what you want: such as buy the used car from your dealership or subscribe to your YouTube channel.

It's an ancient practice as old as humanity, given a modern name borrowed from the gym-culture where guys tense their muscles in the mirror. And while this is often done for the purpose of seeing one's personal development, in the current society so fixated on appearance rather than the substance of one's character, many have taken to think that the whole purpose of working out - or doing anything in this life - is to show others how wonderful you are.

It's a miserable, petty mindset indicative of a miserable, petty soul. Yet it's endemic of the modern West and epitomised in such 'Social Influencers' as Logan Paul who constantly brags to his underage fans of how rich and successful he is, while inveigling them into buying his merchandise or worse, investing in his criminal get-rich-quick schemes.

Sadly, such a figure couldn't rise to his position if the culture wasn't already primed for those pump-and-dump ploys. And where men would once guard the home from such con-artists, negligent fathers have allowed their stupid sons to be made even more stupid by a glut of entertainment from oiled-up preening fops - hence why you've already had a couple of comments, which I will charitably say were ironic, speaking to the ethos that 'everything is a flex'.

Sarcastic as they may be though, this is a very real issue and everything from the sensationalist media to the 'participation trophy' inculcation of public schools is fostering the belief that you are so very, very special and you need to bolster your self-esteem by showing the world how absolutely thrilled the rest of us should be to have you - making for a couple of generations now of incredibly vulnerable young people open to the exploitation of flexing social influencers, and worse: having undeveloped psyches ill-equipped to deal with the reality that they are just as flawed a human being as everyone else.

That's a somewhat lengthy response to your brief question Surfer, for which you have my apologies, yet I'm afraid you opened a rather large can of worms with that and not to flex bruh, but I could go longer.

commented on Opal Kintsugi Open Heart ยท

gorgeous piece, i love the cut-away in the dial hinting at inner depths

commented on Another Milestone ๐ŸŽ‰ ยท

... and that's now a "grats on full sales" - very well done !