Black Bay Pro Predictions...

After the height reduction of the BB GMT will we be seeing a release this year, maybe after summer of the BB Pro as polar with 12.8mm high case?

I like the BB Pro a lot, but after trying it several times and having other 13.6mm watches I feel the height is a bit too much for me.

A 13mm BB Pro polar with black hands and red GMT would be awesome.


Agree that with this movement, they would possibly release a sub 13mm pro next.


I'm patiently waiting for this release. I was hoping they would get a thinner case and it looks very possible now. Not sure if I'd go polar dial or black dial though if I had the option.


I tried the Pro on a few times, like others, but it just didn't feel right due to the thickness. Thinner BB Pro would be THE goal (because the money still has to be saved up for it) for me. I am happy with the existing color scheme, and the bracelet.

I think the theoretical thinner Pro could be my 'exit' watch.