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Shell Cordovan

If you’ve never tried a nice shell cordovan strap on your watch, you are really missing out. These are 15+ years old and they get better with age. I s...

Polywatch for glass

Yes, I have been collecting watches for 20+ years and I just discovered that Polywatch makes a product for polishing glass crystals. I have used my re...

Glad to be here

Looking forward to some interesting posts. Mostly into vintage but enjoy everything. 

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commented on The end of about effing time.. continued.. ·

I commented on their cheap watch winder money grab and Marcus didn’t like it. He was a real ass about it. Sitting around drinking and talking about watches might be fun but it doesn’t make for a good podcast or video.

commented on “Any watch under $50k is not worth buying” -Anonymous ·

This is simply a rediculous statement. Don’t give it any more thought.

commented on Where? ·

In my case in my safe 👍🏻

commented on lhanddds's WRUW ·

Thanks very much 👍🏻

commented on lhanddds's WRUW ·

It’s from around 1968. I have gray hair and so do my watches. 😂

commented on How to organize straps? ·

How about a tackle box. I’m not looking for luxury here. It’s in my closet till I need a change and since it has the removable partitions, it’s extremely versatile. Upper are 20mm lug width, second floor is 22 - 24mm lug width and other items.

commented on To Delete or Not To Delete… that is the Question??! ·

I enjoy looking back occasionally.