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kznszn ·

Should I reserve, or wait for discount

I can't wait for the new Seiko 5 GMTs. More specifically this orange piece. My question is should I reserve it and pay full retail, or wait for a disc...
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kznszn ·

Wife beat me to a rolex and I couldn’t be more proud

My wife’s been busting her ass working these nursing travel contracts..she now has the rest of the year off, and on our recent trip to Hawaii she got...
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kznszn ·

Gifting my brother his first watch..for a machinist

hello fellow crunchers. So I want to give my brother his first watch for his 37th birthday, just tired of getting him high quality Japanese meats the...
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kznszn commented on Tudor Black Bay 36mm ·

A bb36 and a sbgw231 both in my wish list sir 

kznszn commented on Staycation GMT ·

nice shot 

kznszn commented on Incoming ·


kznszn commented on JAPAN vs SWISS round 2 (dress watches) ·

I remember begging for a spring drive less than 40mm. Then comes along Omiwatari with all its glory and perfect dimensions. 

kznszn commented on One month with my grail SBGA429 Grand Seiko Soko - Shadow Gray ·

Love this watch. 

kznszn commented on How many watches have you bought in 2022 ·

6, sold 1. I need to chill out. this hobby is a black hole man 

kznszn commented on Rolex Hulk for today ·

dream watch. 

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kznszn ·

Favorite green dial watches…

As I await my spicy Indian food for dinner, I cant help but realize how much I love this citizen my wife hand picked out for me. also didn’t realize h...
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kznszn ·

Would a poll feature on watch crunch be overused ?

And would majority of the polls be “yes, buy the watch” lol
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kznszn ·

Am I crazy if I pay 2k for The Citizen

More specifically, Citizen The Citizen Chronomaster AQ4024-53Y…. a two tone, high accuracy quartz. That 2k can go to so many other options…but this ci...
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kznszn ·

2 New Citizens, and my firsts.

My wife gifted me with 2 new citizen watches for my 32nd birthday. For starters, I did not want a gift, and I definitely didn’t want my wife dropping...
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kznszn ·

Watch for 500$ or less

so my wife is getting me my a birthday gift, even though we agreed not to, but a couple months back I got her a piece of furniture She’s been buggin a...
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kznszn ·

Grand Sieko US Exclusive this Wednesday

Any predictions of what to expect..or what you guys would want ?
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kznszn ·

-advice- buying watches on ebay

finally might just buy a watch that I cant get out of my head the past month (Grand Seiko SBGW231)...and I have never bought anything over 1k on ebay....
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