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6.50” / 16.50 cm Wrist
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Omega announces Le Laboratoire de Précision

I guess Master Chronometer with METAS wasn't enough... Also probably this means new movements with whatever this new certification is are coming...

Nodus Trailtrekker vs Lorier Hydra SIII Zulu

I've been looking to add a travel watch. It has to be somewhat in the affordable level, so that I don't bemoan too much when it is lost or stolen, and it'd be good to have a traveler GMT movement. (So...
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Rumored MR-G Casioak..

So, Casio is preparing an MR-G Casioak (Probably MRG-B2100) for release sometime this year. (Given it's leaked now, I'd say we're about a couple of mo...

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commented on Al-PIN-ist or Al-PINE-ist? ·

I was hoping for option c, "Who the heck cares." 😂

Honestly, English is an amalgamation of so many languages that "how to pronounce it" is a moot point unless you really have no idea what the word is.

commented on New MoonSwatch + Snoopy 🤩 ·

Swatch says it's non-limited, so you'll probably be able to get one without standing in line.... eventually.

commented on New MoonSwatch + Snoopy 🤩 ·

What's up with white Speedies just this month... 😂

commented on Hot take: The Twelve is ugly 🫣 ·

I kinda get that CW tried to "modernize" the integrated sport watch format, but I feel it looks too modern, if you know what I mean.

And somehow the dial reminds me of Aqua Terra. I already own an Aqua Terra, and it felt like it's a redundancy in my collection, which was why I put this off despite everything else about it being great.

I think Nivada Gretchen's F77 would be my choice.

commented on White Speedmaster Moonwatch or White SMP ·

For the exact opposite reason I may get the Speedy because I already own a Seamaster. (Older one, but still)

I somehow didn't find regular Speedy particularly appealing but the white Speedy is 🔥

commented on Well it's here... white Moonwatch ·

Now looking at this, the original seems... a bit boring to me. 😄

commented on Well it's here... white Moonwatch ·

Those hopes and dreams were crushed when Daniel Craig appeared with the watch, I think. 😂

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Well it's here... white Moonwatch

It doesn't seem to be a limited model, which is a good thing.

Teaser from Nomos

I'm betting new dial color for Club Campuses. (from "For Class of 2024" line...)

(Rumor) MoonSwatch Snoopy may be announced on MoonSwatch's second anniversary?

I've found an interesting theory on the internet claiming that Swatch may announce Snoopy-themed MoonSwatch on late March. The latest video uploaded o...

Green Aqua Terra in 38mm

Another stealth release from Omega. Same specs as other 38mm Aqua Terras, such as swapping Calibre 8800 for 8900, etc. https://www.omegawatches.com/wa...

The new Baltic Prismic

Seems like Fratello set their posting schedule wrong and while they took it down soon enough, it got cached on my RSS feed so this photo has remained...

I went to a pool...

So I wore a Diver as is intended. The actual "taking-a-risk" part was not swapping out the Omega NATO strap, but it was completely fine. It dried out...