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Grand Seiko Snowflake

Today I am wearing my GS Snowflake after a long time. I wound the watch but as you can see the power indicator is not going up. I wound it alot but no...

Omega Speedmaster Moonshine

So I was at an Omega Boutique, checking out the Seamaster 300 heritage, then I saw this Moonshine gold Speedy with green dial so I tried it on cause w...

Omega Seamaster 300

Just wondering what's everyone thought on the Omega Seamaster 300, it is definitely no as popupal as the Seamaster 300 diver I am really digging the v...

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commented on Grand Seiko Snowflake

it doesn't need repair, it's fine just having a brain fart

commented on Grand Seiko Snowflake

Aqua Terra is a great watch too

commented on Grand Seiko Snowflake

yup, especially since I haven't worn it in awhile

commented on Grand Seiko Snowflake


commented on Grand Seiko Snowflake

Yes, I was already thing of sending it into service lol

commented on Grand Seiko Snowflake

Yeah it does work as a GADA pieces, I work in jeans and dress shirt, but with tshirt definitely works as well. Light as a feather don't even feel it anymore on the wrist

commented on Grand Seiko Snowflake

no idea, but I am glad I was wrong

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Which Seamaster 300 would you take

I have been looking at the Omega Seamaster 300. I am really liking the vintage look, I personally think the blue dial is the way to go. Which would you take ?
94 votes

2 of my favorites

The Office and Rolex Explorer II. 2 of my favorites things for me What is your favorite show and watch ?


Casual Friday

My Daily Drivers

I have been rotating these 2 for the past couple of weeks. An icon and the most unnoticed Rolex, but to me they are the perfect daily wear.
46 votes

Collection Update

This is my current collection Gone is the Rolex Datejust 41 black dial , plain bezel/oyster bracelet and Cartier Santos large white dial, they have been replaced by Rolex Explorer II black dial and Om...
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Omega Speedmaster Professional Hesalite

New acquisition Omega Speedmaster Professional Hesalite Can't go wrong with an icon