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The Ultimate Camera For Watch Photography (for me)

I've had a couple people ask what camera I use for my watch shots. While that doesn't seem like enough to warrant a dedicated write up on the topic, i...

Why Seiko? I'll Tell You.

Recently I came across a post from @drcarter13 posing the question of "Why Seiko?" Essentially, he was curious to know what influenced someone's love...

Citizen NY0040-09E

Came across a friend selling his NY0040-09E for $150 and jumped on it! Came in the mail yesterday and I'm loving it! Stubby hour hand and a brutal (bu...

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kentuckyman30 commented on Friendly Reminder, Watches Are Not A Sound Investment Strategy

Well said. Best thing my parents did for me financially is pretty much force me to open a Roth IRA when I was 19. Haha. I didn't understand why it was so good then, but later in life, I learned just WHY a Roth is so great as an investment vehicle (and learned how great/easy Index investing was). Unfortunately, neither my wife or I have access to a 401K as we are self employed, but we make sure to max out the Roth and throw extra investing beyond that into a taxable brokerage account. Building up those assets is much more important to me than watches.

kentuckyman30 commented on Friendly Reminder, Watches Are Not A Sound Investment Strategy

S&P 500 Index funds, dollar-cost-averaging, Vanguard, etc. Talking my language. Haha!

kentuckyman30 commented on Friendly Reminder, Watches Are Not A Sound Investment Strategy

Investing should be relatively boring. Index funds are where it's at for the majority of one's assets. I see no problem in putting a "little" into things like single stocks, gold, crypto or even watches as long as it's a VERY small percentage of your assets. Personally though, I only do Index funds for about 95% of my investing (other 5% is bonds).

kentuckyman30 commented on Why Seiko? I'll Tell You.

Oh! You have the SPB381! Thought it was the black dial in that other photo. Haha. That looks killer!

kentuckyman30 commented on Why Seiko? I'll Tell You.

Oh, man! The SPB383 looks so good on that green rubber! 馃槏 That's the one watch that is topping my "want" list right now!

kentuckyman30 commented on Why Seiko? I'll Tell You.

Man, as much of a Seiko fan as I am, I'm not a 6R35 fan. Haha. I've owned half a dozen of them and borrowed even more. I've seen some horribly erratic 6R's. It seems to be a very consistent thing I hear from others as well. That being said, I currently wear the SPB317 as my everyday wear and I chose it knowing it had a 6R. Haha! Over about 2 months of wear, it's running at a pretty consistent +13 a day which I'm plenty happy with. The few 4R's I've had have run within Spec, so that's all I ask of those. I hardly ever check the accuracy of my DressKX. 馃槀

kentuckyman30 commented on Why Seiko? I'll Tell You.

I'm so comforted by the fact that there are other people who see the value in the SLA and SNR line compared to the Swiss offerings in the same price. As for the SZSB011, I absolutely agree with you. I measure the case at 40mm, but if it was 38mm, it would be an absolute homerun. I owned the Grand Seiko SBGR261 for a while and I've tried on the SBGW231 while that those watches are obviously on a whole other level than the SZSB011, you would be shocked at how close the dial finishing comes for such an affordable Seiko. The SZSB011 blows me away for the price. It gives me that Grand Seiko "feel" and it's a fraction of the price.

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Seiko SPB317

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