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Ming 37.05 Series II

I love the design language of Ming. Crazy lume, feels futuristic. Earlier this year I pulled the trigger and preordered the 37.05 series 2 moon phase....

Need help! A “vintage motorcycle” watch

My mom has asked for help to get a watch for my dad. Their 50 year anniversary is coming up. The brief from my mom is “vintage motorcycle”. After some...

I’ve joined the GS club!

Picked this up a few weeks ago from Timeworks University Village here in Seattle. I had originally tried on a Peacock last December at the Grand Seiko...

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commented on kayla.watches's WRUW ·

Thank you! Absolutely love the color of this version.

commented on Thoughts on The Pelagos vs The Black Bay? ·

Pelagos has more modern design sensibilities, whereas the BB is more classically designed to harken back to 50s-era dive watches. Both are different enough that seeing both in a collection doesn't seem excessive, to me. :)

commented on First Watch of the Collection ·

Bravo!!! Incredible taste!

commented on Ming 37.05 Series II ·

Yes! Ordered mine basically as soon as it opened up. Hope you don’t have a long wait for yours!

commented on Ming 37.05 Series II ·

I ordered online during the preorder window. No issues with shipping at all.

commented on Need help! A “vintage motorcycle” watch ·

Dang that Hanhart is beautiful. Wish we could go high enough in the price-point for the Breitling Top Time as I love that watch (though, I was able to buy him a pre-owned Breitling Premier for his 70th birthday - so he's at least got that end of luxury covered).

commented on Need help! A “vintage motorcycle” watch ·

Fantastic suggestion!!

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AP offering complimentary theft and damage insurance

Looks like Audemars Piguet has rolled out their new coverage service. Any watch purchased from them (starting in 2022) gets 2 years of complimentary t...

Hodinkee x John Mayer x G-SHOCK

Last NWA of 2022. I love the pastel blue of this piece. It doesn't feel like the right watch for December in Seattle, but it's making me dream of warm...

"Unobtainable" Watches

There are plenty of "unobtainable" watches. Watches that we've been told are impossible to get. But are they? Whether you're after a Moon Swatch, a Daytona or a Nautilus - what has your experience bee...
116 votes ·

Tudor Black Bay Pro

This was the first watch I really wanted back when I was dipping my toes into this hobby in June. It was the first watch I asked an AD to let me know...

Horological Society of NY - Horology Classes

Has anyone here attended Horology classes by the Horological Society of NY before? They are in Seattle this weekend and I’m excited to attend tomorrow...

In praise of Sarah Miller (at Hodinkee)

Getting into this hobby, probably the most influential writer (to me) has been Sarah Miller. Her "newbie" series on Hodinkee, reading about her journe...