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The dial on SPB249J1 is INSANE under macro... it's like DNA or something.

Couldn't get the Ginza edition, this one's a lot more subtle, but still very interesting.
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Nodus sent over their Sector Pilot for review. I think I'm a fan!

Check out the full review here: https://youtu.be/lr6XOjegfSY
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Any Zelos fans out there?

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justthewatch commented on What's Everyone Do for a living? ·

I'm Christian missionary, working with a Japanese Baptist church that's trying to start a new church in one of the cities hit by the Tsunami. They've been doing relief work here since the disaster in 2011.

justthewatch commented on Wise Adamascus AD810A Review ·

Great, detailed review!

justthewatch commented on TUDOR Black Bay Pro..is it too thick ? ·

Yeah, that looks great from the top!

justthewatch commented on Lume is like magic! ·

The Wise Adamascus AD8 has absolutely insane lume!

justthewatch commented on We All Love Lume... ·

One more. This one supposedly has "Blue C3" on it, not BGW9. It's surprisingly potent. The "Artico" from Squale x Whatawatches.

justthewatch commented on We All Love Lume... ·

The new Ark from SWC is an absolute torch of a field watch.

justthewatch commented on Seiko SARW013 Review ·

I live in Japan, and these are still available on Amazon here. Been obsessing over them a bit and am pretty tempted to pick one up.

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Review of the Squale x Whatawatches Collab

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Just got my hands on a Squale for the first time, pretty impressed with it, but I've heard a lot of people dislike the brand. What's everyone's thoughts on the main pros and cons on Squale watches?

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