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New WRUW update

I used to love browsing the WRUW page, it was my favorite part of the site, but yesterday's update has kind of ruined it for me, I do like it inverted...

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commented on Droppingin's WRUW

You need to get off that laptop and start swinging those arms 馃榾

commented on Tudor Black Bay 54 Review

Gorgeously vintage 馃憤

commented on roblumley's WRUW

That is effing gorgeous 馃憤

commented on Chunghauphoto's WRUW

Sharp 馃憤

commented on jameer's WRUW

Excellent find, looks like Hamilton should start offering them as standard.

commented on gnjesse's WRUW

Rained all day here, got soaked on the way to and from work, on the positive side, absolutely no danger of sunburn 馃槑

commented on phinsfanfla's WRUW

Sounds hellish 馃榾