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Nothing Go0fy about this Underd0g

So I'm pondering my mid-day strap change - as we all do - and was curious to see what my StudioUnderd0g would look like on a bracelet... and let me te...

Want to see the green SMP next to the new green seiko gmt diver?

Unless you already own one or the other, I don't think my photo will help you decide ๐Ÿ˜‚ Here's my advice, stop pretending like you don't want both &am...

Tudor Ranger 79950 on Vanguard BB58 rubber strap

Hi WatchCrunch, Wanted to share a nice discovery: rubber strap for a BB58 fits the new Tudor Ranger - not perfect, but close enough for me.

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commented on watchyostyle's WRUW ยท

Looking great!! Nice work!!

commented on Sinn H-Link Bracelet?? Worth the money? ยท

I recommend you wait on getting a Sinn bracelet. I found out about Sinn's new quick adjust clasp and I would imagine they will release the same clasp for the 556 soon enough. IMO the original bracelet is worth it. (unless we're talking seiko... then it's a hard NO haha)


and the uncle bracelet you have pictured looks great!

commented on T_Rell23's WRUW ยท

geesus - well done that is a gorgeous combo!!! this over the new summer blue release for sure. ๐Ÿ‘

commented on iforgettopee's WRUW ยท

Funny story, I had been waiting for a blue BB58 and when I got the call, I asked to see this black one, just to see them side by side before I made my final decision... and to this day I have no regrets! But one can't go wrong either way IMO

commented on iforgettopee's WRUW ยท

It is green! It's like a seaweed green ๐Ÿ˜‚

commented on I have a love hate relationship with Seiko... ยท

Have it and love it - not worth $1500 IMO but at $1k I think it'd be an awesome pick up.

The clasp is classic Seiko, aka disappointing.

I have swapped out the clasp for a generic 18mm clasp and enjoy it a lot more - but again, $1500 watch with a cheap unsigned clasp replacement is not what I thought I'd end up with.

For you gmt diver owners, I'm curious if you agree with me on this: the way Seiko designed the lugs on this watch, it looks weird on anything other than the original bracelet - it looks weird with a leather strap...

commented on Should I pull the trigger ยท

Own and love the Ranger also, and I also recommend getting it with the bracelet. I would go as far as saying it is silly not to get it on bracelet. Even if you hated it, you could sell it to bb58 folks for a premium.