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Sub & Island Life

Back from a short vacation after 2 years of not traveling anywhere. Totally missing Hawaii. But the Sub really enjoyed the island life 馃榿
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ice_man commented on Sub & Island Life

awesome! the submariner is so versatile...

ice_man commented on Sub & Island Life

Was a hesitant at first, but it is a tool watch after all...

ice_man commented on Sub & Island Life

Such a beautiful place, my family had so much fun.

ice_man commented on How much would you pay for Rolex steel sports?

Willing to pay retail on all current models. A little bit more for discontinued ones.

ice_man commented on Rolex & ADs

I would say it's not impossible based on my recent experience. Fair warning though, I have a purchase history with the AD who got me my 1st Rolex last April 2022.

I got into "serious" watches last June 2021 when I purchased my Grand Seiko Diver. After a few months, I decided to get a Tudor BB58 Blue and wanted to get it from an AD. Searched around and found a local one in my area. Spoke to the SA and got me the BB58 blue in bracelet last September 2021. At the same time, I was also wanting to get the Tudor GMT but they didn't have one in store. I had to wait for them to get one on a bracelet and it finally landed at the end of November.

While we were finalizing the transaction on the GMT, he mentioned to let him know if I ever want a different watch brand in the future. I casually mentioned to him that I may want to try a Rolex in the future, and he quietly asked which model I was interested in. I said either a Submariner Date or no Date would likely be my first choice. He winked and said "I'll see what I can do".

Since then, I visited that AD a couple of times just to hang out and check out other watches, and each time before I leave the store, he tells me to be patient and he is working on my requested Rolex. After about 3 months, he finally texted me and asked if I knew someone who wants this, and proceeds to send me a photo of a Submariner 41 Date. Drove straight there on a Friday with 2 hour traffic and got my first Rolex.

All in all, I think it really helps to develop a relationship with the AD and an SA. Purchase history definitely speeds things up.

I went in on this without even thinking that I wanted a Rolex, so I just count my blessings :)


G-Shock GMWB5000TVA

Was bored at work today and decided to take a closer look and scrutinize the G-Shock TVA... under a microscope 馃槀 Looks clean to me. Cleaner than my Su...
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