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Perpetual Calendars...

Only gonna post one pic today as we're hosting a QP event this evening so I'll save all that for tomorrow! But please post a pic of your favourite tod...

Great first Meetup with a Car Club!!!

We held our first joint meetup with a Car Club this weekend and it was a great success. We had a great group of people, some fascinating cars and awes...

Meetup with Marloe Watches, Berkshire, UK

Join us at the HQ and workshop of Marloe Watch Company in Sonning Common, Berkshire for an evening exploring the brand, their values and their assembl...

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commented on Perpetual Calendars...

Yeah, they are exceptionally well done. So much information on the dial and it is easy to read. They make a real statement too. I've seen a few at our events with IWC:

commented on Great first Meetup with a Car Club!!!

Make sure you're on our mailing list, over at www.thewatchcollectorsclub.com, and if you are based in the South West of England then check out the Network Wheels Drivers Club, that's who we partnered with. If you're near Newbury, check out the Podium Place Cafe, as it was an excellent location for the meet and had a great vibe.

commented on Wheels and Watches Meetup Newbury, UK

Many thanks! Glad you could make it along. Hope to see you at another event soon.

commented on Wheels and Watches Meetup Newbury, UK

Can't wait to see everyone who is coming on Sunday. Here is the all important parking info:

commented on British Watch Makers鈥 Day Meetup

Obviously we're doing our afterparty at The Royal Oak nearby from 5. I would recommend saying all Watchcrunchers meet at the bar in the hall at a specific time. Looking forward to catching up, I've got my new British watches to wear, and I'm seriously taken by the new Fears today!

commented on RedBar Louisville Meetup

Congratulations! It's great to see watch fam Meetups around the world. I'd love to visit that part of the States, I've never been.

commented on Chronograph Meetup - London, Tues 13th Feb

Hopefully everyone signed up on the website and got the location via email. If not, message me directly and I will send it to you. The Meetup runs from 6:30.

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Two weeks to go to our Wheels and Watches Meetup

You can find all the details over on the Meetups tab here on Watchcrunch, and it's quite straightforward. If you can get to Newbury, Berkshire, Englan...

CW Bel Canto arrived!

I'm a very lucky boy and got two new British-designed watches in two days thanks to the gods of supply chain delays and delivery schedules. It's reall...

My new Studio Underdog Series 2

This arrived yesterday! I'm very pleased with it. Love the polished bezel, the hands and dial design is more harmonious than I expected, and the strap...

Unique piece Roger Smith at the British Watchmakers Show...

So people can place a secret sealed bid for a unique piece Roger Smith at the show. The reserve is 拢325k. Who thinks this is a good opportunity? What...

Watch show in Manchester...

I've just finished venue hunting for places for The Watch Collectors' Club to hold a watch show in Manchester. Who'd be keen on coming along? It'd be...

Talk with Expert on the history of the industry, Professor Pierre-Yves Donze

Last night's talk went very well, with a great overview of the history of the watch industry followed by really interesting questions from our members...