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In Defense of Fashion Watches

I know fashion watches are generally frowned upon by this community. However, that belief is misguided as some fashion watches have a myriad of other...

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frijole commented on NWA: Omega Constellation

Been stalking a few older Omegas online, but agree that in person is the way to go. How is the case size for you? Seems older watches were also more on the thin side...which I like.

frijole commented on THE DO's AND DON'Ts

I'd like to add one more rule for consideration. Don't drink and eBay shop for watches.....ever.

frijole commented on The story how I got the watch I wanted so long - Murph 38mm

Nice. Like those hands. Sort of a Seiko Alpinist vibe. I have been looking at the Khaki Field with the silver dial, but that black on black with no date is very well done.

frijole commented on Made in France

Like the beads of rice on the French Wolbrook! Enjoying my skin diver.

frijole commented on Modern Vintage Divers... staying two steps ahead

Get the Squale! ...but get the 42. I tried their 40 and it just seemed way too small. However, I just keep coming back to that blue face with orange minute hand. Very nice IMO. (full disclosure I also have a couple of Seikos that I really like).

frijole commented on Finally got my Neptune!

Very nice watch and great price. I had the same BB hunger and ended up buying an NTH Barracuda with the snowflake hands. Found it on Reddit also! Like the gilt as well.

frijole commented on What do you think about Brew Watch Co.?

I have been taking a long look at the Retrograph Technicolor. Pretty slick

Wolbrook Two-tone Skindiver Automatic Review

First review. I am somewhat new to collecting, but have somehow already added a handful of divers to the collection. Divers are great....if you like b...

Wolbrook Two-tone Skindiver

4.8 Avg. Score