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Jun 23, 2022

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Stranger Danger !

As Enthusiasts we are always hunting, always looking, always dreaming. Scouring the wild for the merest glimpse of anything horologically interesting...
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dogsfault commented on Longines Heritage Classic Sector Dial

A truly Beautiful acquisition . I'd have that one in a heart beat.

dogsfault commented on 19mm and 21mm strap recommendations

Strap Code do some nice bracelets in odd sizes. I also got some 19mm leather straps off watch Gecko which did the job 馃憤

dogsfault commented on New Watch Alert

Very Very Nice Watch the 300 . I'd have one of them in a heart beat. In fact .... i i am so fed up waiting for my next Grail, i might well buy this too and in blue !!

dogsfault commented on What are the most polarising watches you own??

Old Flighty !!! Its long gone out my collection but c'mon guys have some respect :)

dogsfault commented on 2022 acquisitions

I have a navy Zulu Diver Also . Great Minds Eh ! Thinking of going to the Metal Strap Code Oyster tho.聽

dogsfault commented on 2022 acquisitions

Only Added One watch this year. Seiko 62 MAS in the natural habitat :)

dogsfault commented on Hamilton KFA

I have the same watch and i cant fault it. In fact i cant think of a better value entry level Swiss Watch Period ! The Poor Lume and AR is its only drawback. The Female end links and Fantastic metal Bracelet make the watch super comfy. I Would thoroughly recommend this watch and Kellan's Review here is spot on.


Woof Woof Woof Watch me !!!

Hi Watchfam, I am Dogsfault , an old watchdog with no new tricks ! Sometimes if i am a good boy my master lets me wear his watches. He has been collec...
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