OP31 vs DJ31

Question to my fellow crunchers. My wife is having a Milestone birthday in a few months. Shes not really a watch person but I am thinking of getting her a nice watch to commemorate the milestone. Debating between a Rolex OP31 in Tiffany blue or a Pink Datejust 31. Of course I may not be able to get either one from the AD but there are some in the grey market I think i can get for a decent price. What do you guys think? And what do you think of engraving of the caseback? Nice way to increase sentimentality or just reducing potential resale value? Would love to hear your thoughts.


Walk to her closet, open it and look at the predominant color. You're tempted to do this from memory, but I highly advise physically looking. If it's green and yellow, neither watch will work. If it's blues, get the blue. If it's absolutely filled with black, grey, and white... get her a white/silver dial watch.

I'll finish by saying that a white/silver dial watch is always the safest bet for a "not a watch person." She's going to want to wear it out to dinner with you and not have to worry that it clashes with her dress


I dunno... isn't there something besides a watch that she'd rather have to commemorate the occasion? What IS she into?


If you havenโ€™t talked to her already, get her input. Unless this is just pocket money for you, it probably is safer for you to forgo the surprise on a significant purchase and get her something she really wants (maybe a handbag or jewelry) especially if your statement that she is not really a watch person is serious.

When faced with a similar situation, I told my wife I wanted to get her a nice watch (plant the seed) BUT that if she wanted a designer bag or jewelry, I wanted her to be happy. We went together to look and turns out, she has no interest in Rolexes but loved Cartier.

I was starting to worry about budget when she was looking at Cartier jewelry but imagine my surprise when she picked the white Medium Santos. She loves it and wears it all the time (which gives me great joy) and I theoretically have another watch in my collection (if she will let me wear it (so far, not), that is).

Good luck!


Watches are very personal which makes them difficult to get right as a gift. I once bought my wife a Seiko 5, the SNKL23. While she loved the watch, she couldnโ€™t be bothered setting the time if she didnโ€™t wear it for a couple days. Thatโ€™s when I learned she prefers the convenience of quartz. Maybe talk to her about it before spending Rolex money.