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Team Zissou

Oh you pretty thing! Dug an old comrade out after what seems like an endless party with the Swiss and the Japanese. It sure can overwelcome its stay o...


True patina, this watch has earned. I don’t wear it much anymore, which is a shame. All original with a 7s26a serial movement, the first batch of the...

Serica WMB Edition

Watch: Serica WMB Edition In my opinion, while the newer COSC certified automatics and all the other fixings seem like a welcome upgrade to their fiel...

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commented on Team Zissou ·

You’ll occasionally find vintage true blue scuba dude from the 90’s or earlier. Some have spider dials (cracks), others faded. Some have the Soviet writing at the bottom and some have russia. The teal showed up around 5-6 yrs ago as far as I remember when I was looking for a blue one.

Who knows? Meranom might be making blue dials again.

commented on Team Zissou ·

Actually it’s the other way around, the true blue is the classic, the teal appeared later and seem to have replaced the blue.

commented on Team Zissou ·

All I know it’s a 420 case but not sure if you’re going to get the true blue as most of their “blue” is more teal.

commented on Team Zissou ·


commented on Team Zissou ·

For No Decompression units

commented on Serica WMB Edition ·

I totally respect their decision to upgrade but some things should’ve been left alone. But then again, it’s not like I’m going to get another field watch from them. Just sucks for the rest who might consider getting a simple handwinder—that can be adjusted to COSC if one is so inclined.

commented on New Tudor BlackBay Variants 2024? ·

Get a 58 then! Geez. There are many people who prefer the current size of the 54 y’know?

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Don’t let this tick you off.

Making quartz watches fun again.


Arnold and Danny? Twin Tuesdays? I can go on and on with references but both divers dates back to ‘97 with a 7s26A series under the hood. 009 has Arab...

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

No mere timepiece, it embodies quiet strength like a seasoned statesman. Elegant enough for state dinners, robust enough for Oval Office late nights,...

Mission to Mercury

Call it what you like, but it’s undeniably fun!

Happy Seiko Saturday!

The Slim Turtle was a transitional Seiko that bridged two eras. This sleek 1982 diver subtly tweaked the classic Turtle shape, paving the way for an i...

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