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Ultra Rare Seiko 3823-7000

The 10th watch in my collection 🔥 This is the latest watch I have added to my collection and is my 2nd vintage Seiko Quartz. This is the rarest watch...
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Seiko 7A38-6000 🐼

The 9th watch in my collection and the first Quartz watch as well 😁 This beauty is from 1984 and still has its original bracelet. The first trip I too...
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Valdawn Beagle Puppy

The 8th watch in my collection 🎱 This is a very unusual watch and was an impulse buy. Why did I buy it? Because the seconds hand is the Bone that tick...
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dialontrial commented on Will the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date be available in 38mm? ·

I doubt they will release a bronze version of the Cervo Volante as its already a special edition. I can see them releasing a bronze version of the normal Pointer Date in 38mm with the new 400 caliber movement. Although that would be on the more expensive side. If you want bronze, look at the 36mm pointer date bronze. I have a 36mm Pointer Date and a 6.25" wrist and its a great fit. If you want steal, go for the Cervo Volante, their dials are beautiful 

dialontrial commented on What makes a watch "robust?" ·

I just take my Tudor BB58. Sapphire crystal, stainless steel, WR of 200m and super accurate movement. I know it can go further than what I can take it so its perfect. Don't be scared to wear your watch

dialontrial commented on Summertime Beach-Buddy ;) ·

My beach-buddy. Wear it every holiday I go on. Its more my holiday beater as it can do everything and I dont have to carry other watches around 

dialontrial commented on Longines Heritage Classic Sector Dial ·

First time I saw this watch I fell in love. 18 months later and I still love it. Pictures really don't do it justice. If I got one, it would be my daily. A dial that beautiful deserves to be seen everyday 

dialontrial commented on What are your thoughts on Frederique constant? ·

Many people right them off and are overlooked the majority of times. They not my favourite brand but they do make some beautiful watches and are good quality. At the end of the day, buy what you like, not what others say you must like. Theres no hype with the brand but that doesn' mean they are bad. Some are a bit expensive but show me a watch brand that doesn't have an overpriced watch in their catalog. 

dialontrial commented on Seiko 7A38-6000 🐼 ·

They are great watches. I haven't owned mine for that long but so far so good

dialontrial commented on What's The Rarest Watch You Own? ·

My Seiko 3823-7000. Still has the original bracelet which was only offered for a very short time. 

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Tudor Black Bay 58

Introducing my 7th watch of my collection. Seen here at the incredible ancient ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand. I bought this watch almost a year ago. Wh...
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Omega Speedmaster Reduced

The 6th watch in my ever increasing watch collection😁 As I got more into watches, I wanted a mechanic chronograph and quickly realized Omega make the...
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Oris Big Crown Pointer Date

This was the 5th watch I added to the collection. This was the first "Luxury" watch in my collection. I ordered it from a great AD in Bangkok, Thailan...
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Camy Jet King 30 Jewels

The 4th watch added to my watch collection⌚ This beautiful watch is from 1970 and is in great condition. Unfortunately Camy went bust during the Quart...
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Seiko SKX013

This was the 3rd watch I added to the collection🥉 After I got my Seiko Cocktail time, I started looking into dive watches and quickly fell in love wit...
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Seiko Presage SSA343J1

This is the second watch in my collection🥈 andy first dress watch!! These watches have an incredibly detailed dial that is mesmerizing 🤯 The watch isn...
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🔴Seiko 5 SNK807🔴 - The first watch in my collection ⌚

Seiko 5 SNK807 The watch that started it all🥇⌚ This was the first watch in my collection and sparked my interest in watches🧐 Since getting this watch,...
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