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SOTC: The "one-watch" collection :D

Hi Folks, I am happy to share my collection with the watchcrunch community. What started as a "one-watch" collection has organically grown in the last...
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Which Zenith x Hodinkee El-Primero Chronomaster collab piece do you prefer?

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A Man and His Watch

I finally got my hands on this amazing book and I look forward to reading it 馃榾 Btw, has anyone read it? Perhaps, we should document the watch stories...
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diabhey commented on What鈥檚 your recommendation for a watch under $200?

Seiko 5s is a no brainer聽

diabhey commented on First post! How colorful is your collection?

I have a monochromatic collection. Black is the new black :p

diabhey commented on Most underrated watch maker?

Zenith in my humble opinion is the most underrated brand. They don't get the attention they deserve. However, off late, they are being big on promos and doing a good job in marketing which I welcome. "Those who know, know" ;)聽

diabhey commented on SOTC: The "one-watch" collection :D

I am happy that you could spot that :) @casio_tonneau

diabhey commented on SOTC: The "one-watch" collection :D

@roberto Thanks for suggesting this piece. The Marinemaster was not under my radar. I have not dived deep into "independents" for the simple fact that I can't find them in the wild (rare to spot them) and try them on. I would like to try every single piece before I buy. 聽Having said that, I will start considering independents as my collection grows. I am usually not attached to a brand. If I like a watch, I will surely try to get it provided it is under "reasonable" pricing and availability.聽

Do you own independents? if so, how do you try them before you buy them?

diabhey commented on Your watch on show

I changed my entire wardrobe recently to watch my watch collection! 馃嵒

diabhey commented on SOTC: The "one-watch" collection :D

I surely will. I bought my Zenith in Geneva and the person at the AD is going to be a future watchmaker who is now doing his apprenticeship at AP. The conversations we had before I got "my grail" made it all the more special. I have been in contact with him since and we are planning to head to the Zenith factory at Le Locle this year. I see watch collecting as building relationships. Building relationships with your watches, AD, watchmaker, and fellow collectors.聽

I am only seeing one watch ahead at a time and my next watch is going to be a divers/tool watch as my daily driver.聽

I will let De Rijke sit on my head for a while and see where that takes me(on the vespa ;)

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Vintage JLC Memovox

"The voice of memory" is truly a work of art. Widely regarded as the first automatic watch with an alarm, this JLC has caught my attention (pun intend...
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What's your favourite Rolex?

I am not a Rolex fanboy. Having said that, I do like some of their pieces, and this one( Rolex Explorer II 16570 ) is surely on my top 3. I do not own...
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[02.02.2022] - It's hammer time!

Hamilton X-Wind is my first automatic watch and it is the watch that I always go back to, especially after I changed it to a rubber strap! What's your...
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What鈥檚 your daily driver ? Literally !

I enjoy wearing the Seiko 5 Sports SRPD53K1 as it gives me hope that summer is not far away ;)
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God Tier Casio F-91W: Productivity Game Changer

> Time is a created thing. To say 鈥業 don鈥檛 have time is like saying, 鈥業 don鈥檛 want to. 鈥 Lao Tzu As an Engineer working at a startup of fewer than...
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Travel: Watch hopping in Geneva with my 'Shadow'

Hi All, I am right now in Geneva exploring watches. Do let me know your favorite boutiques or second-hand watch stores that I must visit in the commen...
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