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My watch collection

Started in 2018. Next, I want to buy a watch from Cartier (Tank Must XL or Santos Medium).
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derchangi commented on My watch collection ·

Thanks! A Moonwatch is also on my wishlist. But I need something dressy first. 

derchangi commented on Many affordable watches or one expensive one? ·

What he said

derchangi commented on Wedding watch suggestions ·

Cartier Tank Must XL on leather strap.

derchangi commented on How many watches do you travel with? ·

One watch with a GMT complication. 

derchangi commented on Travelling with a vintage watch ·

It won't damage your watch, but it might get magnetized, which isn't an issue. If it gets magnetized, you can go to any watchmaker to get it de-magnetized for free. 

derchangi commented on Watch question ·

Alternative: Breitling PREMIER B25 DATORA 42, Ref. AB2510201K1P1. 

derchangi commented on My watch collection ·

Thanks 😊