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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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To Mount or Not to Mount

As the title posits, do I just keep this beauty somewhere in the house or find a way to mount it in my car?

My First Baltic Landed

Sorry for the quick shots, found a window in my busy day to pick it up and head back out. First impressions are, to be frank, impressive! As I stated...

First Baltic

Honestly, I just really wanted the rally timer 😅 I'm all about brand identity and, personally, this is the first time they've really presented someth...

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commented on curtaincall's WRUW ·

Cheers! Have a great start to your week, as well

commented on To Mount or Not to Mount ·

I have sparsely but wouldn't say I rally. Too many hobbies, not enough time... so I collect watches 😅

commented on To Mount or Not to Mount ·

Nailed it! Glad to find another wagon driver, let alone WRX wagon lol.


commented on To Mount or Not to Mount ·

"I'm sorry officer, can we discuss this over there? As you can hear, I'm about to lap myself" 🤣

commented on To Mount or Not to Mount ·

Luckily I was eating as I saw this or else the drooling would have been suspicious

commented on To Mount or Not to Mount ·

Luckily, I have a wagon version so just enough utility in the back 😁

commented on To Mount or Not to Mount ·

For lack of a "pinky up" emoji I have responded with the next best thing 🤣

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The Persistence of Memory

This watch by ENDxTimex is a fitting homage to Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" but also as a fun reminder to use my time better. Last year...

What Does GMT Stand For?

Grey Market Time. Some multifaceted lightheartedness brought to you by the Council of Dad Jokes.

New Trilobe - Les Matinaux, L'Heure Exquise

I cannot believe there's no buzz about this! I'm a sucker for moonphases and have yet to add one to the collection but by all that is good in this wor...

What's a Weird Use Case for Your Watch?

I just wanted to make a post because I feel like it's been ages and with my schedule, may be ages again til my next. But that's not interesting so her...

Wedding Watch: Brother in Law Edition

Just excited and wanted to share. Here's the nitty-gritty before I go on a rant. This man turned my sister 180 in the best way possible 😇. Upon the p...

TAG Heuer Making Moves

I had the pleasure of visiting a TAG Heuer boutique while business traveling. I needed to see the new Carrera's box crystal in person. Just wow. It is...