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First (non Omega rip off) concept render under new brand!

So I've been experimenting for years, trying to find my own design language - at one point I had an entirely different development project under a sep...
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Some experimental renders

So there's an ongoing project I've been hesitant to share with others in the watch community because it's very important to me. I've figured out what...
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Will MoonSwatch owners "belong" in the club?

First off, I'm biased. This is to me the most exciting watch release in my lifetime. Anyone that has ever walked into an Omega boutique as a young per...
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See this is hard, in trying to justify my hobby to others I've come to realize there might not be that much logic in it at all, but that's okay!  We honestly bridge the gap between sneaker collectors and toy collectors.  Unlike the sneaker guys we can actually enjoy our collection everyday, but some people inflate watches to be a sensible, rational purchase, when in reality they really are just toys.  They weren't always, but in today's world they're more cool looking machines that might have a neat feature.  Most of us get dive watches just to have fun spinning the bezel.  But maybe that's the ticket, it's a way that grown people can collect and play with toys without judgement, and as a bonus they can keep us on time for our responsibilities rather than distract us from them.  Sometimes they connect us with the past or those that have passed on, sometimes they commemorate a special occasion, sometimes they celebrate the work of a particular artist or brand.  But honestly in giving up the idea of watch collecting being rational and logical, there's freedom.

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No u

coaxial_thamuel commented on First (non Omega rip off) concept render under new brand! ·

This was an instance where I tried everything I could do avoid hard steps in the case, believe it or not!  Much easier to design and machine with harder edges.  For a 37 mm watch, I wanted it to feel like a pebble in the hand.

Carta indeed was an important word, and I'm actually glad of it's Spanish meaning!  In latin, it means "charter", important to me in referencing God's sacred charter of freewill to mankind.  After all going from a good college education to making watches out of a small shop would certainly be an exercise in free will.  Carta in old english means "page", which I like because I want customers to be able to have a blank sheet to put their own dreams onto.  The sentiment seems about the same in Spanish.

I'm five years out at the most from having my own operation, where I'll certainly produce my own designs but I'm much more interested in making people's dream watches for them.  Way more satisfying to give up the need to hold on to creative control.

And hey, I never thought I could learn CAD, but seriously anyone can do it!  It's just drawing with style!  Hope to see your own design some day soon, in any medium!  Thanks for the kind words.

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It definitely is tricky to read.  I resisted the temptation to do everything in black on white, since I wasn't going for tool watch, but it really didn't help that the crystal's composition made it about as transparent as milk... 10/10 would do differently next time!

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You're right... I would have never thought!  That's high praise to me, their stuff never fits me right but I've always like their colors!

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Naaaah brah.  Theres'a 14 year old around here somewhere.  Hmmmm.... Omega... Oh yeah I've heard of that!  That's that streetwear brand that collabed with Swatch right?  Yeah not sure what it is but my boys Donkey Dan and Squee said if we wait in this loooooong line we can get one and sell it to some boomer for $5K!

In all seriousness, my poor girlfriend went all the way across town to procure a Venus and Uranus (hehe) as anniversary gifts for the both of us.  We're really hoping that @Chunghauphoto is not only right in that they'll keep the injection moulding machines running for as long as we're ready to buy one, but more than that other non watch people will finally give Omega a good look.  When they day comes that I can finally walk out of a boutique with a Globemaster for me and a Ploprof for @coaxial_katie , I will die a little inside if the first words I hear from a peer are "oh is that a Rolex?"  I'll be very curious to see what the lines look like on Wednesday versus today, that will be a good indicator of what the true nature of interest is.

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I... really don't think so.  For one, we young people aren't buying watches to begin with, let alone Swatches.  For those of us into watches, in a world with Casios it's hard to justify a Swatch most of the time.  The market for the moonswatch is pretty clear, it's for those that already know the Speedmaster.  For me personally, this was the final nail in the coffin that cemented me actually wanting a Speedmaster, especially with the new Coaxial movements including all the luxuries I've gotten accustomed to, like hacking seconds.  Many people grossly overestimate the popularity and prevalence of Swatch.  Today, they're mostly for people that lived through the 80's and 90's to run across in the airport and buy for the sake of nostalgia.  Secondly, people aren't stupid.  If there's an increase in interest after this, it'll be from people that already knew and liked the Speedmaster story.  We wouldn't say that BB58 owners are going to look at a Submariner and say "oh that's just an expensive Tudor (which might actually be closer to the truth) but rather a BB58 owner is much more likely to dream of  a Submariner when they have something on their wrist constantly reminding them of the halo model.  Among the watch wearing youth, remember, you have those in the majority that say "gucci?  Oh I know them they're nice, this must be a nice watch" and the rest could cite reference numbers in their sleep.  Negative attributions are unlikely.

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